Thanks for the birthday wishes!

I had my post-partum check-up yesterday -- everything checks out. What a relief.

We got there a little early. I sat across from a narrow window with a little sunshine. Is it weird that I pulled out a couple of projects to photograph? Is it weird that I brought them with me in case I would find sunlight and a few free minutes?

On the way home Scott pulled over to rescue a baby turtle crossing the road:

We brake for turtles

The Knits

Berry Socks (sock 1) using Artyarns Supermerino, on which I knit a few rows at the hospital post-delivery:

Berry Socks - in progress

I decided on a sewn bind-off for elasticity, but that requires finding instructions, so it's languishing. I should have added an extra couple of stitches to the width; that may also be affecting knit-desirability...

Retro Rib Socks (sock 1) in Koigu:

Retro Rib Socks - in progress

I really like how the yarn color and pattern texture come together on this one. I was stalled for a while because Scott had allergic reactions when I was working with the Koigu (oh the horror). But I snuck in a few rows here and there, especially the last week, and they're done!

This photo is from a while back, but it belongs. Jaywalkers in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Amethyst Stripe: 

Amethyst Stripe Jaywalkers - in progress

Cool striping.

I tried to knit Jaywalkers in the past with Socks That Rock, but it just didn't work for me. I gave up on the combo but not on the pattern. I'm glad I came back to it.

These were finished pre-labor. I initially thought the fit was a bit tight, but trying them on today for photos, they fit just fine.

Finally, 2/3 an alien head (Alien Scarf from Stitch n Bitch) for Scott:

Alien Scarf - in progress

Makes me think of X-Files. Spooky Mulder. Doo doo doo doo doo doo.