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A couple of days ago, despite the heat, Lily wanted to wear my shirt. From some angles, it looks like a long denim dress on her.


But from other angles... definitely big.


Dancing! Always dancing!


Squatting (teehee):


She's walking so much faster now, especially when she's somewhere she shouldn't be (or heading there). She toted these empty water bottles like suitcases. Girl on a mission.





Uh oh!


She wouldn't let go to get up:


Back on the go!



And then she wanted to wear the cardigan I knit for her on top of it all. Very cute ensemble, but she was definitely roasting.


Scott says she wanted to wear my shirt because it was mine. Such a foreign concept to me. I suppose a one year old doesn't worry about fit, eh?

All that running around makes me thirsty, too.


PS  We're good! Lots of colds and flus and bugs, travel, visitors, more travel, and a computer that keeps crashing on me (which reminds me -- save file now!). Hopefully I'll be able to post more soon.

Hooboy, it's been so long I don't know where to begin. Let's keep it short and manageable, shall we?

We're alive and well!

Lily is thriving and a real trip to watch. She's got such personality!


Though most people don't see it because she's become very reserved with strangers. She's learning and growing so fast; loves to dance,


tells stories, crazy curious about everything, and just started walking across the room.

wearing papa's hat

It still amazes me that we all started this way, that we all had to learn to crawl, and walk, and eat.

Motherhood is really hard, harder than I expected (and I expected hard). I think the hardest part has to do with having another person around all the time, someone who needs constant interaction and care. Scott and I are both introverts, and cherish our quiet time. We need downtime to recharge from the day. Learning to be around and interact with someone (almost) 24/7 was exhausting. We're getting used to it, and she doesn't need the same constant interaction now, so it's getting better. But when she goes to sleep, man, do I need my knitting/spinning time!

I wouldn't trade it for anything, though.

sock shenanigans

There has been a good bit of spinning

Hello Yarn shetland - 2-ply
Hello Yarn Shetland in browns and greens, spun 2-ply

Indigo Moon Merino/Alpaca/Silk - 2-ply
Indigo Moon Merino/Alpaca/Silk, spun 2-ply

and knitting going on (and the usual stash enhancing),

November socks - in progress
November Socks; yarn is Zen String Serendipity Fingering in November

Monkey socks - in progress
Monkey socks; yarn is Shibui Knits Socks in Orchid

even a bit of drum carding.

Drumcarded merino/silk
carded merino and silk

I finished my Skater's Undertop (and wore it to Spa!),

Skater's Undertop - in progress
last pic I took

and Scott's Cobblestone (the week before it got too warm to wear), and I'm in the midst of the ZephyrStyle Tree Jacket in Tess' Designer Yarns Cultivated Silk & Wool.

Tree Trunk: in progress

After seeing Julia's finished sweater, I immediately cast on. The yarn is softalicious, but catches on any scruffy bits on my hands. Now that it's too warm to wear, I'm not as motivated to finish...

I'd like to have some gorgeous finished object photos like Cheryl, but I tell you, finding an afternoon with Scott and I both free and me freshly showered and baby okay on her own is not so frequent. Nevermind the fact that I am in serious need of a haircut. (Lily gets almost twice as many baths as I do showers. I'm beginning to envy her.)

We're heading to MDSW next week, can't wait! I'll be volunteering at the Fleece Show again (guess how many fleeces I'll walk away with?). Lily turns 1 the day we leave. She doesn't know it yet, but she'll finally get to eat some of that ice cream she keeps seeing us eat (I've been able to eat a lot of ice cream while nursing, it will be a hard habit to break).

Hmm, not so short or manageable, but good to be back.

7 days

7 months

Enjoy your weekend!

Thanks for your kind words about Gram. They were virtual hugs, understanding pats, sympathetic looks and squeezed hands that shored my spirits. I'm glad that so many of you mentioned you could feel my affection for Gram through my previous posts. Somehow that makes me feel better. And you're right, when I have this to enjoy:



there are more smiles in my day.

I feel so behind -- Rhinebeck (where I had a wonderful time and wished I could have spent more time with people but was so glad just to be there), Rhinebeck goodies (3 fleeces!), knitting (That Cute Flirty Skirt is done! and I was so crazy about the cabled Layered Skater's Undertop from Veronik Avery's Knitting Classic Style that I immediately bought the book -- we're reading it above -- raided the stash, swatched, and cast on), spinning (many squishy skeins to share), and even a little fleece washing (um, did I mention the 3 Rhinebeck fleeces?) and drumcarding! Maybe this long weekend is a good time to catch up?

On sleep. Hahaha.

Here's a teaser of things to come:

Drumcarding fun

The 3 rovings in front are white 100's merino and dbpg silk in blues. Would you believe it's the same blue silk as this carder 'speriment???

Darker roving in back is charcoal merino/silk, dbpg silk in reds, white alpaca fleece washed by moi, and white cashmere! Sooooooft.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh my, it's been almost a month, how did that happen? No, wait, you don't need me to tell you. It must be because of She Who Thinks Bedtime Is 5 am. Or, as I like to call her between 1 and 5 am, Miss Fussypants. Sadly, the sleep thing is still an issue. It's not always 5 am, but it ain't good. We're working on it. Meanwhile, she's learning to sit on her own, which I hear will be a nice little break for me for minutes at a time!


gorilla stance


She's getting bigger, still 90+ percentile for weight and height. Which continues to confuse me, seeing as Scott and I are not exactly 90+ percentile people ourselves. When I'm at the doctor's office, and I see other little babies that are probably close to Lily's age, or older, I think in my head, "my baby could take your baby." Hehe. Not that I encourage that sort of thing. But it cracks me up. 

You know what else is perplexing? I'm decidedly Asian looking. Right? Dark straight hair, brown eyes, etc. Lily is decidedly not Asian looking. At least, not to me. (Unless you look at her upside down. But that could be said for a lot of people.) I mean, she's got fair, curly hair, with hints of honey. Curly hair, people! She's got long lashes that also curl, not short, stubby and straight ones like mine (lucky girl). She's got funky-colored eyes, which are still deciding whether they're blue, green or hazel. Her skin tone is lighter. I thought dark hair and dark eyes were dominant, so I always assumed my babies would have them. It is still strange to me to see her curly hair and fair skin. (And man, I so do not know what to do with curly hair.) I'm sure I'll get used to it.



She was 15 lb 11 oz at 4 months. And 26" long. She's wearing 6 month clothes, and she no longer fits into "6-12 month" socks anymore. Hahaha. So not the shrimp I expected.

I probably won't have the time I'd like to write up posts about the odds and ends I'm working on, so let's try a fly-by update.

I frogged and restarted That Cute Flirty Skirt (aka Anne's Sangria; and holy cow, if you follow the first link and scroll way down, my hair is So Long!). It was too tight, and I was embarassed when I realized that my gauge swatch was way off. I begin to wonder if I even measured it, or if I was on crack when I did. A few weeks ago it looked like this:

That Cute Flirty Skirt - in progress

and now it's closer to this:

That Cute Flirty Skirt - in progress

I'm on the last stitch pattern and then I'm home free! I made a few simple mods which I can talk about later.

I also started a sweater for Scott. Second one I've started for him, hopefully first one that is completed (and worn/wearable):

Cobblestone - in progress

That is the beginnings of Cobblestone in Rowan Summer Tweed. Color more accurate here, against the black of That Cute Flirty Skirt:

Projects in progress

Between the Classic Silk of That Cute Flirty Skirt, and the Summer Tweed (both cotton/silk blends), my hands have been getting a workout (and I've been totally craving the wool). Which would be fine, but my right wrist has been giving me problems the last month or so. My doctor suspects tendonitis. I can't even sign my name or write without pain. Typing is easier, but no good at the supermarket. Hopefully it heals soon.

Let's see, what else? I started Trellis using Judy's Ball and Skein silk/merino laceweight. #4 Addi lace needles (I like) and one less repeat because I only bought the one skein. I don't like the 5 into 7 stitch, or 7 into 5, whatever. I don't like it, so progress is slow. But, of course, the colors are gorgeous.

Trellis (scarf) - in progress

Embossed Leaves Socks are done! That will be it's own post. Overall, I like. Not crazy about the toe.

I got my Ravelry invite! I admit that I was one of those people that has been checking the "antsy" page every couple of days and adding my status into an excel spreadsheet so I could project when I might get my invite. (Does that surprise you?) Because of their server move, it came 1.5 weeks early! Not that I have time to do anything with it. Not that that's going to stop me.

There has been some spinning and plying and washing of things spun and plied (and what a difference washing makes). "Tomorrow"!

PS  Thanks for the lovely comments about Lily and the socks! I'm sorry that I can't respond to comments these days. :(  Also, I'm trying to make peace with the fact that I just can't post as often as I used to. When I started the blog, I was between jobs and posted every day. I was doing fibery things every day. When I started working, that went down; and when I was pregnant, more so. Now, with Lily, I'm lucky if I can keep up the every-three-weeks thing. At heart I'm a more-frequently-than-twice-a-month poster. More like twice-or-three-times-a-week poster. It's hard to accept, but I'm working on it. Thanks for your support.

PPS  I gave her Tylenol before her 4 month shots and that seemed to help, as she only cried for maybe 10-20 seconds, and my blood did not curdle. Thanks for the suggestion!

PPPS  I've been working on the BASD website. Check out the meeting dates! First meeting is October 3, second is October 17. We're looking at a couple of cool workshops, so think about joining us!

I don't think my brain can put together too many words today, but I'll give it a try.

Had fun at Fiber Revival! Glad I went! Good to see fiber friends! Nice weather, though windy. Scott went and watched Lily, yay! Lily enjoyed wind; sun, not so much. Got some alpaca fleece, reddish-brown, soft. Cheryl enabled. Will blend with merino and silk. Yum. Looking forward to Rhinebeck and more fiber fun!


Here are some pics:

At Fiber Revival

At Fiber Revival

At Fiber Revival
Lily wearing the sweater Cheryl made for her

Seriously, I wasn't sure I'd make it. Lily has been sticking to her new 5 a.m. bedtime. Which would be fine (um, really?), except she doesn't want to go to bed at 5 a.m. She wants to go to bed at 8 p.m. Or 9 p.m. Or 10 p.m. Or, well, you get the picture. But she can't. sleep. (We suspect early teething.) She's become quite vocal about it too, whining and fussing. You'd need earplugs if you were in my head, I'm screaming, "SERENITY NOW!!! SERENITY NOW!!!" And trying to remember that, this too shall pass. And that she's not doing this to me. Oy. I'm thinking, This whining has got to go. But hey, I should get used to it, right? It ain't going anywhere for a while, eh? ("Serenity Now!!!") She was up til 7 a.m. Saturday morning. And if I hadn't missed every last fiber event this year, I would have been sorely tempted to stay home, sleep, and cry. But I knew that I would feel defeated and sunk down and cry anyway if I didn't go. I needed to go. I needed to be "among my peoples". Even if my braincells were only firing every other minute. Even if I wasn't sure I remembered how to carry on a conversation with adults. Even if I'd only be there for a few hours. And I'm so glad I went! It was a beautiful day, a lovely location, and it was so good to see fiber friends, hang out, talk the fiber. The wheel with its half dozen spinning/plying options, as well as two knitting projects, stayed in the car. Seriously, me spinning or knitting and carrying on a conversation? Ha! The alpaca fiber, seriously wonderful. Darker than I was planning, but I couldn't walk away without some. I felt so good on the drive home. Refreshed. You know those blurbs at the beginning of some shows, parodied by Sesame Street? "Brought to you by the letter 'E'"? Well, the day was brought to me by Scott. Couldn't have done it without him.

At Fiber Revival
flying Lily

At Fiber Revival
at the end of the day

At Fiber Revival
even superheros need a nap

At Fiber Revival
er, power nap

It's been an eventful almost-3 weeks. (Of course, any almost-3 weeks with a baby is bound to be eventful.)

First, she had her 2 month appointment. My, has she grown! I mean, you can kinda tell in the photos, but... She was 12 lb 1 oz and 25" long! 90th+ percentile. She got some shots and boy, did she scream! It was kind of refreshing in a way. She's been such a quiet baby, not crying too much, so it was good to know that she could belt it out if she needed to. Scott was totally unnerved, poor guy. Me, I laughed and joked with the nurse. Because, well, it was an unavoidable situation, and there was nothing I could do, and if I didn't see the humor in the situation and stay objective, I'd probably be crying too.

The next couple of days Lily didn't feel so great, low grade fever, etc. Poor kid. Didn't sleep so well at night. And then there was the heat. She stayed up until 6 am several nights in a row, and drank often. Then we got a cool night and she slept through it, thank goodness. But it was all downhill from there.

After a couple of good nights it started up again, only this time, it was 8 am and nursing every 1.5-2 hours (I joked that she was getting ready for college, pulling all-nighters and drinking too much... but really, not so funny), sleeping no more than 30-60 minutes at a time and not falling asleep after nursing. The power of the boob was no more. She slept during the day, but that didn't help me at night. Nor was it enough for her, and she started getting baggy eyes. Babies should not have baggy eyes! Finally, after almost a week and no signs of improvement (and in fact, signs of it getting worse), I took her to the doctor to rule out any physical issues. She checked out perfectly healthy (and weighed 12 lb 12 oz!): her circadian rhythms are out of whack. So we stayed up a few hours more before crashing and by then she was so exhausted (as was I) that she (drumroll!) slept through the night! And she's been sleeping through the night since then (knock on wood).

But now, she's not napping during the day. And everything that used to work to get her to sleep before, not only does not work, it upsets her! Oy vey. I'm beginning to understand that, with babies, and probably children in general, you don't fix one problem without gaining a new one. That is, you trade in one set of trials for another, and it goes on, and on, and on... I don't quite have a working knowledge of this yet, as I believe that, once I do figure out how to get her to take more than one 60 minute nap between 8 am and 5 pm, I'll breathe a sigh of relief, pat myself on the back, and think I'll have some kind of respite. Newb.

Still, she's healthy, and pretty happy when she's not exhausted from the not napping (and when I'm not using the old going to sleep methods - so "last week"); I'm just shy of exhausted and mentally kaput; in short, welcome to motherhood!

(Oh yeah, did I mention I've been working from home part-time the last month? One word: challenging. Good bye, weekend, nice knowing ya.)

She's been getting good at batting the dangling toys on her bouncy seat:



and one day she started to grab them, too. Now she regularly holds "red bird" with one hand while knocking around "blue fish". She reached for her dolly, too:


It's amazing how they can suddenly do new things, isn't it?

Oh oh oh! And she laughed for the first time yesterday!

Supposedly this is a fiber blog, and there has been fiber activities going on. But I'm pooped. So I'll show you a glimpse of the finished cormo/alpaca and save the rest for "tomorrow": 

Foxhill Farm cormo/alpaca 2 ply

I finally finished spinning the neverending cormo/alpaca! That little bit in the photo ended up taking closer to 6-8 hours to spin, rather than the "couple of hours" I had guessed. Oy vey. I plied a sample and am looking forward to seeing the rest of it plied up:

Foxhill Farm cormo/alpaca 2 ply sample

I can't guess how many yards it will be total, but it will be many hundreds. I've already spent 2 1/2 hours plying the main batch, with at least as much to go. I'm trying not to let it get to me, but I tell you, I'm getting really good at counting to 7.

Foxhill Farm cormo/alpaca 2 ply sample

This little bit is 35 yards and weighs... very little (my regular scale does not do well on the low end):

Foxhill Farm cormo/alpaca 2 ply sample

I think it will be nice stuff! Naturally, it will (eventually) become something lacy.

With the spinning done, I got the itch to start something else. All that birthday fiber I showed you? I didn't touch it. I wanted to practice spinning worsted weight, so I pulled out this merino I traded with Natasha back in January:

Luxe Merino in Earth and Sea
1 lb Luxe Fibre merino in Earth and Sea

I split it into 8 sections and then tore those into strips and arranged them to get good color distribution:

Luxe Merino in Earth and Sea

The last several months I've been very into fibers combining blues and browns. Something very organic/earthy about it. Then again, lately I've had a few cravings to spin hot pink, too...

I spun a sample and quickly realized that it's been a LONG time since I've spun anything heavier than sport weight. This will take some practice.

I'm pretty sure I'm suffering from startitis because after plying the sample, I promptly stopped and dug around for something else. This is Montadale roving from Christopher Hall that I purchased at last November's The Gathering:

Christopher Hall Montadale roving

I'm not used to spinning roving. Mostly I spin dyed top using a short forward or backward draw. With the Montadale I tried a longer point of contact draw; it was nice to play with a different (and faster) spinning style. This would make good social spinning.

Of course, after a while I got bored and wanted to spin something else. I don't know if I'm having that too-many-choices indecision (so many things I want to spin!), or if I'm having that post-major-project lull after the cormo/alpaca (though it still needs to be plied). I imagine that's more common with knitting. Have you felt it with spinning?

More happy news

I won a skein of Vesper Sock Yarn in Tandem!

Vesper Sock Yarn in Tandem

If you recognize it then you likely contributed to Claudia's MS Ride. Besides being a good cause, I won something last year, so I knew I would be contributing again. Woohoo!

Fall Anklets

Fall Anklets

Fall Anklets
Finished: 7/4/07
Pattern: basic toe up, same as the Summer Anklets
Yarn: Fleece Artist Merino Sock in Origin (less than half a skein)
Needles: 2.5mm Addis
Notes: Me loves the Fleece Artist Merino Sock. Squishy soft, feels so good. Me loves quick anklets. Knit knit knit done!

Me slightly surprised by longer striping sequence in sock #2:

Fall Anklets

Me feet happy.

Fall Anklets


I mentioned my burgening stash of beaucoup de sock yarn. More evidence:

Fleece Artist Merino Sock

Me loves the Fleece Artist Merino Sock! Origin, used in the anklets, is in the middle. Next pair, already started, uses Jester, second from left. Plain vanilla socks, good for mindless knitting.

How fast she grows!

For Bea:

My Lily Bear

Anne was more than a little right (in the comments) when she said my mom took my sanity with her. The Friday after she left, I took Baby Girl to the Fabric Place Knit Club to meet my knit buds. One of the first questions asked: How old is she?

They got nothing but blank stares back. I honestly could not even begin to answer that question. How old is she? She's... What's today? What day is it? Hunh?

Fortunately, I was quickly asked when she was born, an answer I could rattle off without thought, and they made their own calculations. Clearly, my mind is gone, and one cannot have sanity without it...

It was really great to hang out with knitters and mothers. Being able to talk about nursing and motherhood was such a relief, I had no idea how much I was craving it. By the time I left I was exhausted (just going out of the house with baby wipes me out; trying to carry on a conversation while holding her and making sure she's okay? Poop-ed.). In an empty parking lot, trying to get her into the carseat and the carseat into the base, I wanted to cry. Knit Clubber Pauline drove by on her way out to see if I needed help. "Oh, I'm fine!" Automatic response. Followed by a joking (but sounding desperate in my ears), "It gets easier, right?" Pauline said something along the lines of, "Oh yeah, much easier now, she's 6 and we just use the booster seat now," while nodding toward the backseat. Me, joking (and sounding ever more desperate), "Just six more years, eh?"


On the spinning front

It would appear that I'm trying to make up for lost time with the spinning. After 2+ months of wanting to spin but not being able to, I've been slowly catching up. There's the Spunky Eclectic superwash merino plied up:

Spunky Eclectic Superwash Merino in Toronto - 2 ply

(yep, colorway Toronto)

Spunky Eclectic Superwash Merino in Toronto - 2 ply

Turns out that plying is easier to remember how to do than spinning. I think it's a simpler process. Either that, or the process of spinning brought back physical memories of plying and made it easier.

After plying, I decided to spin up some wool/nylon roving (bought from A Touch of Twist at Rhinebeck). For (what else) socks. I spun a small sample back in February at Spa, but wasn't in the mood for it back then. It's a roughly prepared roving with gradual color shifts that lends itself well to quick, textured spinning. Not worrying about "perfect singles" seemed the way to go.

The first oz or 2 went fairly quickly, but then I tired of it. I worried that the small irregularities would feel uncomfortable on the foot and spent too much time trying to minimize them. So much for not worrying.

Spinning for socks requires roughly 4 oz. About 3 1/4 oz in, I realized it would have been clever to start a second bobbin after the first 2 oz. I am now committed to spinning up the full 8 oz:

A Touch of Twist wool/nylon

I wanted to try my hand at worsted weight merino next, but full bobbins prevented me:


From left to right:

Foxhill Farm dyed cormo/alpaca, spun fine - a bit of felting and a touch neppy made for Not so much fun... should I Abandon?

A Touch of Twist rambouillet - some sections of roving feel soft and lovely, but some feel coarse and No Fun to spin; I have 3 pounds of it, what to do?

Foxhill Farm cormo/alpaca, spun fine - ~2/3 done, but requires me to pick out small neppies and generally Pay Attention

Spunky Eclectic merino/silk in Thunderstorm (pretty!), spun fairly fine - needs Some Attention and Time

Time to clear out the bobbins, eh?

Level 1 Human

Onesie from here.

When I found out a few weeks ago that my parents would be visiting Lily during my birthday, I immediately decided we were going to Minado for All You Can Eat Sushi to celebrate. It's been MONTHS since I've had sushi. Maybe even a YEAR. What better way to celebrate a birthday than with family and sushi???

Baby girl and I dressed up for the occasion. For months I've been stuck wearing yoga pants and stretchy/roomy t-shirts, and even post-delivery most of my pre-pregnancy clothes don't fit. My hips have grown an irrecoverable 1-2". BUT. While showering (space of creativity) I remembered a skirt that sat on the hips, which now comfortably sits at the waist:


and a summery button-down shirt that seemed nursing-friendly and color-coordinated. I can't tell you how happy it made me to wear regular clothes. (AND to be showered AND have blowdried hair! Woohoo!)

Baby girl wore Tangerine Cardi and man did it look cute on her:


I love this pic:


I had forgotten all about the cardi, thinking it would be weeks before she'd be able to wear it. Newborns grow fast.

The ladybug buttons are too cute. Seeing her in the cardi makes me want to knit another, this time out of lighter weight yarn. (Still no knitting-while-nursing, but I've read more in the last couple of weeks than in the last year!)

What's that on her feet, you ask?


Pink Converse Chuck Taylors. Of course. From The Gap. Scott saw them and had to have them. They make her feet look huge:


But there's plenty of room in them to grow into.

Isn't my mom cute?


Happy and sushi-sated:

(my brother was able to fly up at the last minute)

Adding to my smile:

My sister and her 2 kids flew up the weekend before. AND she made her fabulous ice cream roll cake. My nephew's birthday is 2 days after mine (turning 2!) and he was so excited when that cake came out! He didn't know it had anything to do with him; I think he found the lit candles exciting. Once he heard his name in the Happy Birthday song, his face lit up even more, and he was thrilled to blow out the candles with me:




2 weekends, 2 celebrations, the entire family, plus the new family:


Ahhh. What a wonderful birthday.

We were overwhelmed and touched by your responses to Lily's arrival. Thank you so much.

I don't know that I can express anything approaching "life after baby". Certainly changed. Certainly amazing. Certainly happy. Lily's been wonderful and made the transition so much easier than we could have imagined. At her one week visit yesterday, she weighed in at 8 lb, having gained 5 oz from her birth weight! Needless to say, she's eating well.

the power of the boob

The nipples, unfortunately, have paid the price, and the past couple of days have been really rough. I know it's short-lived and am soldiering on.

She's also sleeping well at night (don't hate me). She's been surprisingly alert during the day


and entertains us with her ever changing expressions.


We marvel at her calmness and seeming curiosity. She's a delight.


And to keep the gods of irony from striking me down, I'll stop there.

During in-hospital labor, I was able to utilize my theatre training to ride the contractions and let my body do its thing. (Who knew it would come in so handy?) Labor definitely wasn't what I expected, despite being at my niece's birth, and seeing videos and whatnot. But I think it's the kind of thing you can only know by experiencing. (And, thank goodness for the body's chemical that inhibits memory.)

I knit 2, maybe 3 rounds on a sock at the hospital, and a few inches more since coming home; but I've got a few pre-labor knitting projects to show (soon): actual finished Jaywalkers, a Retro Rib sock and the starts of an Alien Scarf. Now that I'm able to sit at the computer for more than a few minutes at a time, I hope to be back to some semblance of blogging. Scott's been home helping out, and when he goes back to work, my mom will be here for a few weeks. It frightens me to imagine what will happen after she goes home... but... I'm hoping that life then will be different than life now (can you say, human milk dispenser?) and that I'll have more mini-chunks of time strung together than I do now. One can hope, right?

New addition

New addition

Lily Sayaka
Born May 1, 2007 at 2:59 pm *
7 lb 11 oz, 21 inches

Mom and baby are happy and healthy, Dad is enthralled. More soon.


* She must have wanted to be born in May; contractions started at 1 am!

Week 40   Week 40

Week 40

Today is my due date. 9:38 pm, I don't think she's gonna be on time. This, of course, is not only typical of first pregnancies, but also typical of me, especially pre-Scott. (My sense of time is... not so good.)

It's been 3 weeks of false alarms, achiness, cramps, general discomfort. And trying to squeeze in a full night's sleep, even in chunks of 2-3 hours, has been "challenging". Still, I'm torn between wanting her out RIGHT NOW, and being a bit afraid of actual labor and even more scared of becoming (gulp) a MOM. The reality is rather... sobering. The last week I've been thinking, "Uh... what?" and having moments of pause. Pre- and early-pregnancy, I figured that I was smart enough and emotionally capable of figuring things out, y'know, as they came up. Even if I didn't know how to be a mom, back then, I figured I would figure it out. Now that that time is practically upon me, I've forgotten the second half of my logic. Me? A mom? Ridiculous! Or if not ridiculous, crazy! Or if not crazy, then... inconceivable!

I suppose it's all opening night jitters. (And to extend the analogy, does she have stage fright?) I'll figure it out. Right? And it's not like I have to know everything right away. I won't need to know this week how to teach her to be a strong, independent thinking woman who can express herself and her emotions. Not right away. Right?

I'm ready to trade in scattered, awkward, uncomfortable sleep for more comfortable yet almost-nonexistent sleep,

Being able to feel her every move with seeing her every move,

Hours of knitting time without being able to knit sweaters with almost no knitting time and a less round belly,

And the worries and fears of labor and becoming a mom with the worries and fears inherent in being a mom.

I'm ready, little goober. Are you?

Well, here I am, still waiting, still big and round. Here's how I looked a couple of days ago:

At Almost Week 39

(though, to be honest, I haven't been looking quite so cheerful the last couple of days)

I've dropped some more, can you tell?

At Almost Week 39

Between not being comfortable sitting to spin (extra weight in front strains my back), insomnia, and the comforts of sitting with an electric heating pad against my back, I've done a lot of knitting:

  • Summer Anklets are done
  • Trellis is done
  • And now, the knitting on my Silk Garden Lite Clapotis is also done!

I knit a little more than half over the weekend. The final corner looked like this:

Clapotis - in progress

and I decided I wasn't crazy about so much grey and mustard, too dark. So I frogged back to the purple/grey and then worked some magic:

Clapotis - in progress

Less than a yard of the turquoise to spare. The back? Looks like this:

Clapotis - in progress

I got a little sloppy re-knitting the corner, I forgot to drop one of the stitches:

Clapotis - in progress


You know I didn't frog back, right? You know I opted to cut and graft?

I took a closely matching length of yarn (has more mustard in it, which you can see below), duplicate stitched for about 7 stitches, cut the original yarn, and re-threaded the original to drop the stitch it should have dropped. Worked! And so much less painful than the last time I grafted.

Clapotis - in progress

Bring it on! I started a pair of plain socks with the Artyarns Supermerino I recently bought, and am tackling another UFO -- Ribby Cardi, started and stopped last October. My WIP count is down to 18; if I wash and block Clapotis, I'll be down to 17. If I ever get in the mood to sew again, finishing Fish Bag will bring me down to 16! I'm unstoppable!!! After Ribby Cardi, I've got another UFO lined up to knock out. Go ahead, Knitting Gods, smite me down! Send me into labor to teach me a lesson!

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