I found this on my computer the other day.

Satin Grape

That's my nephew, wearing the "Satin Grape" cardigan I knit him with superwash from Danette Taylor. Ain't he the cutest? The pooling on this project was fantastic, I Loved it. The center front are the lighter colors, and the center back is dark purple, like he sat in... (Scott named it with specific spelling). Looks like the smallest size was maybe too small; I know he was eating good.

A matching hat was requested for the holidays. In progress and almost done:

And Matching Hat

I'm 12 for 16 gifts for the holidays, this will make 13! Another is in progress, and 2 yet to be started. We're a New Year's celebrating kinda folk, so I've still got time. So I keep telling myself.

I got a job

Did you read that right? I got a job. I got a job! I'm soon to be gainfully employed! I can stop job hunting! I can buy a wheel! I get back my Budget and can buy things (read: yarn and fiber) again! [does a little dance]