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I tried to make you into something you couldn't be, Wildberry Basket Scarf. I knew you were only 100g, but you were so pretty and soft and I wanted to jump right in! It was folly to think you might be enough for a scarf. I found a great pattern to show off your colors and you were done in no time. But. A two foot scarf. Sigh. It was lovely while it lasted; I'll work on my expectations.

Wildberry Basket Scarf Wildberry Basket Scarf
12/13/04 - 12/20/05

I can't keep doing this, Striped Sweater. You were an experiment in color, an attempt to use up Colinette scraps and stash. I was excited about the mix, the unpredictable way your hint of colors played. But... I think it was just the wrong needles, and then so much time passed and I'm just not sure any more. Is there enough yarn? Would you be better on #9's? Can we make this work? I have to let you go.

Striped Sweater

Striped Sweater Striped Sweater
8/1/02 - 12/20/05

There just isn't a future for us, Spicy Fair Isle Sweater. I tried to be bold and substitute colors using stash. It was a good experience and I learned from it. You're bright and you hurt my eyes. I'm sorry, did I say that out loud??

Spicy Fair Isle Sweater
2/5/05 - 12/20/05

We just don't understand each other, Classic Elite Felted Booties. I followed your pattern to the T, and I just don't get it. You're supposed to be felted. You're supposed to fit me. How can you be smaller than my foot before felting? I can't take the stress, Booties. It's time to move on.

Classic Elite Felted Booties Classic Elite Felted Booties
12/25/03 - 12/20/05

White and Black Merino Sweater, I had a lot of growing up to do. I loved knitting you, even on tiny needles; your merino softness and simple contrast striping were a pleasure. Before long your pieces were done! I was elated! But then... Well... It's just... I didn't know about gauge. It was a long time ago... I tried to make it work. I pinned you to fit and basted, but look at all that extra fabric! I can't do it, can't subject you to the machine and scissors. It's just not right. I'll find a better way. We can start over again, find that loving feeling and make it work.

White and Black Merino Sweater White and Black Merino Sweater

White and Black Merino Sweater White and Black Merino Sweater

White and Black Merino Sweater
1/19/97 - 12/20/05

Week five:
Started with: 48
Abandoned: -5
Finished: -1
New: +1
(Number of projects I wanted to start: 1)
Current Projects: 43!
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Break-up lines of the philosophers

So long, Cat's Paw Shawl. I wasn't ready for your lacy loveliness. You and your JaggerSpun mates are waiting for the perfect project, waiting to be useful. Perhaps one day, we'll meet again.

Cat's Paw Shawl
1/15/96 - 11/28/05

Farewell, Crocheted Shoulder Bag. I ran out of steam before I could finish you, and now I can't find you... I just don't crochet anymore, it's nothing personal. Though your cotton was tough on my fingers, you would have been a good, sturdy bag.

6/24/96 - 11/28/05

Auf Wiedersehen, Beige Moebius Shawl. You just weren't the right color for me. I couldn't find the right reversible pattern to make you sing. And I think I have a moebius curse, I haven't made a successful one yet.

Beige Moebius Shawl
'98 - 11/28/05

Goodbye, Colorful Checked (Striped) Pullover. What the hell was I thinking? I wanted to be adventurous with color, to break out of my boring single color garments, to be wild and free. I tried too hard. Ouch.

Colorful Checked (Striped) Pullover

Colorful Checked (Striped) Pullover Colorful Checked (Striped) Pullover

Colorful Checked (Striped) Pullover Colorful Checked (Striped) Pullover
11/15/97 - 11/28/05

Goodbye, Purple Rollneck. So long. Farewell. You were one of those ill-fated boyfriend sweaters, and though you're mostly done, you are fated to the frog pond. It's too bad, so many stockinette stitches later... you did keep my lap warm that winter. Goodbye.

Purple Rollneck Purple Rollneck
2/8/01 - 11/28/05

Week two:
Started with: 61
Abandoned: -5
Finished: -4
New: +2
Current Projects: 54!

Goodbye, Wedding Afghan. Any project with "Wedding" in the name that has languished for more than 3 years just isn't meant to be. You were bold, you were beautiful, you would have taken too long to crochet. You were sadly replaced by another afghan; replaced, but never forgotten.

Wedding Afghan
7/6/96 - 11/21/05

Goodbye, Gold Cotton V-neck Sweater. Though you were begun in the late '90s, your name says it all. You were a child of the '80s, and that time has come and gone. You would have been cosy, and comfy, "but I see your true colors shining through".

Gold Cotton V-neck Sweater Gold Cotton V-neck Sweater
7/3/97 - 11/21/05

Farewell, Red Vest. It was a crush, a fancy. I'm just not a vest kinda girl. We didn't spend much time together but you were a luscious red, and so soft. Take care.

Red Vest
'98 - 11/21/05

First Sweater for Scott, it's so hard to say goodbye. You came home with me from Webs before I knew how particular Scott is. You were solid, but so heavy. You unraveled on me more than once. And when I didn't know how to handle you you became so clingy! I stuck through, I'm not a quitter; but no matter how I try, it's just not working out.

First Sweater for Scott
1/04 - 11/21/05

Striped Softy Hat, mea culpa. You were my first hat knit without a pattern, before I realized hats need negative ease. You're so soft and snuggly, without a hint of wool! Your colors are great and your texture so interesting. You will make a lovely scarf some day. Goodbye, Striped Softy Hat.

[Striped Softy Hat is MIA]

edited 11/26/05: found the bugger, he was hiding in the winter accessories bin! Don't let the picture fool you, he's enormous.

Striped Softy Hat
12/12/04 - 11/21/05

WIP Management Update

Week one:
Started with: 67
Abandoned: -5
Finished: -3
New: +2
Current Projects: 61!