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Thanks for all the nice comments on the shawl. I have to say, I had high hopes for the shawl because of the original colors in the fiber. However, how it plied together and is knitting up exceeds my expectations. I'm mesmerized by the play of colors and so far that has helped me keep knitting without hitting that (inevitable?) "going crazy" stage in the shawl. I have many yards to go, so it's early yet.

A few odds and ends, I'm not up for a proper post.

Tomorrow night is the first BASD meeting for the fall. It's open to new members so I hope you can go! I know, I know, such short notice, I suck. :-/  The meeting starts at 7:30 and is in Sudbury, MA (directions). The next meeting is October 25, so mark your calendar.

I'm destashing some yarns. You can see info here and photos here. Let me know if you're interested in anything.

I took photos today of the fiber I carded on the Supercard, so I'll have those tomorrow.

Today, talking to John, the UPS guy outside work (he delivers our packages too), I realized that I'm sad it's Fall. Sad! I love Fall! Fall is my favorite season! What's up with this sadness? And, not only am I sad, I'm expecting it not to last very long. I believe what I said was, "I hope we get at least a few good weeks before it goes."

[insert that funky "record being rewound" sound]

Around here, Fall foliage usually peaks mid-October. We're getting some foliage going now, and I've seen the starts of it since beginning of September. So unless this is an unusually cruel and bitter Winter ahead, we've got at least October for Fall weather, and maybe some November as well. Before it's really Winter. And since Fall usually only lasts, what, a month? this potentially 2 month Fall makes me sad how???

I think it's the short summer. The failing sunlight. I feel like End of Summer was pulled from underneath me like a fancy table cloth trick.

It's gotta be the sunlight. There's so much less of it now. It's dark in the house when I get home and I have to turn lights on right away to see anything.

Maybe the thing to do is mourn the loss now so I can make a quick transition to enjoying my favorite season. 'Cuz what good is an extended favorite season if I can't enjoy it?

Wow, thanks so much for the nice comments on Buttercup! I will figure out what I did and post a pattern soon.

You wouldn't know this, but I restrained myself yesterday on commenting on the toilet paper roll configuration of the Buttercup pic. I figured the reference of looking up noses was enough for one post.

BASD Meeting

Last night was my first BASD (Boston Area Spinners and Dyers) meeting. It happened to be their holiday potluck, so I made Japanese beef curry and brought rice in my awesome rice cooker (sings the first 2 bars of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star when the rice is done). I was worried about heating up the curry so I brought along a crock pot. I thought I was clever. I was wrong. Took waaaaaay too long to heat. Trust me to try something new in a pressure situation (I've never used a crock pot before; in fact, my usual potluck contribution is chips or soda). Lucky for me, they had a microwave; otherwise, it would have been, "anyone want some curry with their dessert? Anyone? It's got beef."

I caught a ride with Carol and Susanna. Carol lives in my town. Can you believe it?? She's been in BASD for, oh, 30 years. There used to be lots of Holliston spinners but they left one by one and she's been alone. Now she's got a new partner in crime [insert evil grin and hand wringing and raised eyebrow; oh, and a cackle]. 

Pre-dinner chitchat left me feeling like a wall flower. Some days I can deal, some days it's too much. Plus, I was worried about the durned curry. I was relieved when we sat down. The best part was after dinner, though, when we went around and introduced ourselves, really for my benefit, since I was the only newb. First of all, I can't believe some of these ladies have been spinning for 10, 20, 30 years! It's unfathomable to me! The wealth of knowledge and experience -- mind boggling. Second, I can't believe these ladies have been in this guild for 10, 20, 30 years! Truly incredible.

Post intros, we grabbed dessert (whoever made the pastry puff dessert, yummers) and they holiday swapped. Some of the cool gifts included dyed silk hankies, ingeo, felted art, woven scarf, etc.

I pulled out my spindle during the swap and started on some more Winderwood Farms blue faced leicester. My second time spinning in front of people and I was nervous. It's not rational, I know no one will actually gawk, point or laugh outright. Intellectually, I know that. I count on it. Hehe. I brought a skein of navajo plied Winderwood Farms BFL to give them an idea of what I was doing and got some nice compliments! And I confessed my fear that, once I get a wheel, I won't know what to do with it, that while the spindle comes naturally, the wheel will be alien and unintuitive, that we'll be cold strangers (but in plain speak). They reassured me, most of spinning is drafting. I chose to believe them, 10, 20, 30 years and all.

In short, I had a wonderful time. I can't wait to see them do some spinning. I want a wheel. I love spinning!

I stopped in at Woolcott & Co while I was "in town" yesterday. Yep, that's the one in Harvard Square. Picked up Ella Rae's book #1,

Ella Rae Designs

the one with the t-shirt sweater I've seen around. Well, that's the long sleeve version.

Ella Rae Designs Ella Rae Designs

And next to it, another sweater in the style I'm suddenly covetous of.

This was courtesy of a gift certificate from a trade. Free book!

While I was wandering (which describes my state of mind, not physical movements, that store is tiny), I heard spinning talk. My ears perked. I mosied over and was delighted to find 3 spinners chatting about starting up a spinning group at Woolcott. A bit far for me, but Paula (one of the three) asked if I had heard of the Boston Area Spinners and Dyers. I had seen their outdated website and figured they were defunct. Not so! They meet once a month in Sudbury, which is a bit far for Paula, but doable for me. There are something like 60 members, with about 20 showing up each week. Wahoo! Spindling with spinners! 20 questions with spinners! Oohing and aahing over spun yarn with spinners! (Can you tell I'm excited?)

Man, I don't miss driving in Harvard Square.


When I eat too much sugar or salt, I get bumps on my tongue. For sweets, it's midway up; for salty, on the tip. I don't know if it's the tastebuds gone cuckoo, but it hurts and its sucks. It keeps me from eating more sweet or salty for a while. Anyone else get this?

I bring this up because I started getting the first tinglings in the middle of my tongue after eating french fries with ketchup. When I was a kid we'd have "my fire is bigger than your fire!" ketchup contests along with our "my french fry is bigger than your french fry!" competitions. Somewhere in high school I learned how much sugar is in ketchup and reduced ketchup intake drastically. Lately, I've been using just a little bit more here and there, but see, the tingles, that's my body's way of saying, "Yo, back away from the ketchup." Bizarre, isn't it?