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Our supposed Nor'easter ended up being as much ice as snow:


It doesn't look like much, but it's heavy and icy and coming down fast. I hope we're able to get out of our driveway tomorrow.

I've hit third trimester tiredness. Over the weekend, despite getting lots of sleep, I felt like I needed a nap every 2 hours. I got a good amount of sleep last night and woke up refreshed minutes before my alarm went off, but by the time I got to work, I was ready for a nap. Hmph. I don't like going to bed early.

Trellis is taking a backseat to resurrected Re-Grow. Scott's been missing his sweater and has been reminding me more and more lately to get back to it. He's already missed 2 winter seasons with it, and he'll do his damnedest not to miss a third.

The sweater needed sleeves lengthened. Do they look like they need lengthening?

Re-Grow - in progress

Nope, technically not. But he likes his sleeves long.

The second attempt (blogged about in November 2005) produced the right length, but didn't work overall because the original ribbing and bind-off were too tight. This time I frogged the original sleeve back a few inches, reknit it looser, and then picked up stitches to knit the extra length. It looks better than this:

Re-Grow - in progress

but you get the idea.

Once the first sleeve was done, it was easy enough to rinse-repeat on the second. And it was done! Or so I thought. Once Scott tried it on, he wanted the bottom extended in the same way:

Re-Grow - in progress

That's a lot more stitches. I've been chugging away. He wants to wear it Friday. We'll see.

Before I met Scott he hardly ever wore sweaters. He couldn't find any he liked. He's allergic to wool (that's a whole other topic right there). But he LIKES sweaters. In fact, he likes the look of certain wool sweaters, especially tweedy wool sweaters. He likes roll necks and sleeves. He likes slouchy sweaters; if necessary he will (attempt to) buy a sweater two sizes too big to achieve that look. He likes ... subdued colors.

When he finds a sweater he LIKES, Hurrah! Hurrah!

So when I found him the most special sweater -- light grey tweedy look with roll neck and cuffs, casual, roomy, and not a jot of wool -- I was excited for him. He didn't pick it up because it looked like wool. What a find! And next to it, sweater number two: dark blue/grey tweedy look with wide ribs, casual, roomy.

The sweaters received much care, wear, attention. They made him happy. But, sadly, his sweaters don't have a long shelf life. They shrink. This is a cause of great sadness.

My first knitters tip: don't put it in the dryer. That helped.

My second knitters tip: stretch it out when it's wet. That helped some more.

But when these failed and the most special sweater was too short to wear, it was a dark day indeed.

But wait! I'm a knitter! I'm (sorta) fearless! I just read about recycling sweaters!

We made a plan. Sweater number two took one for the team.

Sweater number two - recycled

And the most special sweater was gonna get a graft. Extensions, if you will. A "regrow".

Except it was almost summer and who wants to work on a fall sweater in the summer???


Time passed.

Here are the beginnings of the "regrow":

Regrow - in progress

With right side facing, I picked up stitch for stitch all around the cuff. Here's the inside:

Regrow - in progress

It seems a smooth transition (no pun intended). And when I unroll the cuff, you can see a slight puckering at the pick up point, which I hope will remain hidden in the roll.

Regrow - in progress

My first pick up attempt was a few rows below, where the ribbing ends, and was done with wrong side facing. Besides the puckering, the roll no longer rolled, just sorta folded over; and since it was picked up wrong side facing (what was I thinking?), it wasn't a smooth transition. This time, I looked at where the natural roll occurred and picked up a row or so higher.

Holiday knitting

Here be a new scarf I started using the cashmere/merino yarn I picked up at Mini Mills in PEI.

Vintage Unvelvet - in progress

The scarf is for... a man. That's all I'm gonna say.