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My lunchtime knitting: 

Deep Rose Cabled Beauty - in progress

is Deep Rose Cabled Beauty. I can't remember its given name, but I think it's from VK. The color is a deep rose, not nearly as bright as the photo suggests. I started it a year ago and finally decided to pick it up again. I've knit a full big diamond in the last week. It may be done by next February.

The yarn is naturally dyed wool from Tregelly's Fiber Farm in Hawley, MA, bought a few years back. Their natural dyeing studio is called Botanical Shades, and their one page "website" for years has said "coming soon". There's veggie matter in the yarn reminiscent of Noro Kureyon and the texture is a little scratchy but knit up it's not scratchy. With the stitch pattern and the non-smooth yarn, I do tug on stitches to keep even tension, and apparently my right index finger is doing a lot of work because it gets achy like it's being strained. Continental knitters, do you get that?

Last night I cast on for Picovoli:

Picovoli beginnings

Rats, I was gonna have you guess what it was. Ah well. The yarn is Classic Elite Provence, a shiny crisp mercerized cotton that feels wonderful. I had begun a Red Vest with it back in '98 that didn't get very far. Besides the fact that I don't wear vests, the biggest reason for its pokiness was the wrong needles. These bamboos feel so right. The color is a deep gorgeous red, which is why I couldn't bear to part with it. Imagine the deeper color above with the crisp shininess of the swatch below:

Picovoli swatch

Deep Rose and Deep Red. Coincidence? Is Project Spectrum gifted with prophecy? Has it subconsciously invaded my knitting colorscape?

I thought I'd make a pair of Jaywalkers with The Red and The Black. I wanted something that would showcase the striping. But I knew I'd have to knit toe up because I wasn't sure how much sock I'd get, and I'd have to modify the pattern for that and the gauge. I figured the best way to get ready was to start a regular pair of Jaywalkers in my Xmas Rock Socks That Rock:

Jaywalker - started

Those are itsy bitsy bendy Brittany needles. I started with some bamboo dpn's and was miserable. I'm still miserable, the yarn sticks to the needles and I much prefer working with two circulars; but it's less torture than the bamboo. (And what is up with the pooling? I mean, I think it looks really cool. But hasn't everyone else's STR Jaywalkers been coming out stripes?)

Look, I got a whole 2 rows done last night:

Jaywalker - in progress

Impatient to start knitting with The Red and The Black, I did some googling and I found someone else had not only thought of toe-up Jaywalkers, but had written out instructions as well. Cool. I started a pair using the figure 8 cast on. Look at the striping:

The Red and The Black - begun

I used two #4 circular needles (yay) and modified for gauge as I went. But you know what (or if you're in Texas, I'll tell you h-what), the number of stitches and bulkier fabric just aren't working for Jaywalker. I'm not liking it. So after a bit of thought, I decided to add two negative ribs up the sides, like bonnet stripes on a Mini, just to add a little interest, and knit the rest of the sock plain. The stripes will speak for themselves, and the little bit of detail will (I hope) keep things interesting.

Lunchtime knitting has yielded:

Curlycue scarf

an almost done Curlycue scarf! This is for my niece and has taken for-e-vah (the last photo). Curly parts from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, pared down to child size. I didn't think such curlies around the neck would be so practical so I added enough seed stitch to wrap around once. Dangling curlies, pretty colors. If you were seven would you love it?

PS:  I joined Project Spectrum. I love the idea of celebrating colors, I'm all about colors these days. The Knitting Olympics pushed me to explore things I wouldn't otherwise have, and I think Project Spectrum will do the same (just not as, uh, intensively). Colors for March are Red and Pink. It's not intentional, but all three knits in progress have one, the other or both!