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No baby, but I did have another false alarm. Monday 2am, mild contractions every 10 minutes for 8 hours. We had a regular appointment scheduled for 11:30, so I hopped in the shower and wouldn't you know it, they stopped. Harumph. Next time, I take a nice long shower MUCH earlier. ;)

After finishing the last 3 baby knits (buttons, too! just waiting on sunshine for photos), I've been hunting around for the next project. I wasn't sure I wanted to knit another baby knit. I really want to knit a sweater for myself, but figure I should wait to see what my body will look like post-delivery. I made some progress on the Summer Anklets, the blue/orange socks I recently started; but then wanted to photograph the colors in the skein (again, waiting on sunshine), so that's on hold.

Instead of starting a bunch of new projects, I decided to look at my WIP's and finish something if possible. My WIP list jumped up to 22 with the baby knits -- not good!

Enter Fish Bag, my first pseudo-intarsia project, started in Aug '02:

Fish Bag - in progress

Pseudo, because I stranded the main color instead of joining a new ball of yarn.

I think the fish pattern was in an old Vogue Knitting magazine, with the background being blue and fishies being, well, fishy colored. But I worked with what I had, odds and ends from Webs. After knitting the front, I knew I would run out of the main color, so I striped the back instead:

Fish Bag - in progress

Working with so many colors and without a pattern was definitely out of my comfort zone! Weaving in the ends was a bear, and the hole I left for the drawstring was too small:

Fish Bag - in progress

Fish Bag - in progress

I wasn't sure what to do to make it better, and didn't feel up to fixing it or sewing a lining, so it sat. (And sat.)

My first step was to undo the seaming at the top and sew down the edges with thread:

Fish Bag - in progress

so I could fold it over and have a clean edge:

Fish Bag - in progress

I sewed down the flaps, which include my niece's name (her middle name is knit in the other side):

Fish Bag - in progress

I knit too many rows for the flap so I sewed down 2 rows lower than I planned:

Fish Bag - in progress

but I think it won't be so noticeable. Folded, the edge looks just right:

Fish Bag - in progress

I've sewn the lining, but, being totally clueless about sewing linings, it's on the smallish side. I'd like to sew another lining that fits better. After all this work, it makes sense to, no?

I spent a good hour trying to figure out why my first post wouldn't appear. It worked fine on my local test setup, but no matter what I did, just wouldn't show up! Finally, I added a test post and it showed up right away! But the post time was one hour earlier. Aha. Time zone difference. I want my hour back!

Five scarves and a bag

I knit a few rows on a silk-merino scarf I'm modeling after one I saw in London-Wul on my trip to Canada. The yarn is by Danette Taylor, in either Purple Haze or Seaweed. It's coming out lovely, but not a fan of this yarn on #11 needles. Love the yarn, though. Luscious silk and merino. Yum...

Here are some pictures I took yesterday of recent projects. The first two are knit from handdyed handspun wool from Colorado Sandstone Ranch that I bought on eBay:


Once I realized the striping effect of their yarn (I bought 3 different skeins), I wanted a different pattern for the next one that would make it less... stripey. I tried the Short Row Rib scarf on Magknits but the colors were too strong for the pattern (at least for me).

scarf - abandoned

But I liked the three row rib thing going on, so I frogged, cast on length-wise, and did the whole thing in three row rib. The colors are still too bright for me, but I like how they blend more. It's a good length scarf, too, will make a nice gift.

scarfscarf - closeup

Here are a few cashmere scarves that I knit as gifts. All are handdyed by Danette Taylor, and took 2 skeins. (Which is to say, I used 2 skeins and stopped when I ran out. If cashmere weren't so durned expensive, I would probably use 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 skeins.) They are wonderfully soft and buttery, to wear and to knit! They were all knit on #13 needles over 13-14 stitches.

This first is in her Azaleas colorway. This one is going to my mum. Simple seed stitch pattern. One skein is more red, but I wasn't too concerned.

Azaleas Cashmere Scarf

The next two are in her Summer Rain colorway; the first is... hmm, what is it called, elongated seed stitch? I think there's a name for it... The second is just seed stitch. These are "wedding thank you" gifts to be sent out soon.

Summer Rain Cashmere ScarfSummer Rain Cashmere Scarf

And finally, the bag! I knit this on the road and finished it a couple of days before we came home. It was meant for the camera, so in the end, not so useful. Yet. I used Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim, about 1.5 skeins, knit on #5 needles. Liked the yarn, but wasn't so crazy about it on #5's, too small. But, wanted a tight knit so the bag wouldn't stretch out.

Camera Bag

Knit in the round, made it up as I went. This is in its empty state. Kinda hard to take a picture of it with the camera in it... eh? ;-)