Went to my first Knitsmiths knitting group, which happened to be a yarn swap. Look what I walked away with:

Knitsmiths swap goodies

Just think: it's less than what I brought. Crazy, hunh?

From top:
Jaegar Odessa in silver grey with sparklies, which may become a shawl
Patons Cotton dk in lilac and white, mebbe a baby sweater
Cascade 220 in a nice red, to play
Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride in yellow, will probably end up in a felted slipper
Manos Cotton Stria in white and roses, to play
Rowan Rowanspun dk, to play
Brown Sheep Nature Spun in various bright colors, either a felted project (fishies?) or a sweater for my niece

I get so freaked out being in a large group of new people, esp when they all know each other. But they were very friendly and there's always the knitting to focus on. Besides the Yarn Harlot's book tour stop in Acton, MA earlier this year, this is the largest group of knitters I've been around. The main difference is that I actually talked to some of them. I bet some of them were at that event, too.

It was fun to see what everyone else was working on. I wonder how many knitted pieces were in the room? For each knitter, a different preference, for colors, texture, pattern, technique. And I suppose that's what makes a yarn swap work -- what someone doesn't like, won't use, can't stand, someone else will love, be inspired, pet. You drop off your dirty laundry and pick up someone else's clean. Playing dress up with your stash.

Here's what I worked on:

Modular afghan-in-progress

It's gonna be an afghan, one of my guilt projects. The basic pattern is from Colinette's Ab Fab Afghan. The yarn, color and placement are mine. Can you see the sparklies? I added a purple sparkly carry along yarn with the mohair for a few rows, I luvs it. I finished most of the 3rd diamond today; after the 3rd, each additional diamond is built from stitches picked up from previous diamonds.

Here's a so-so picture of the to-be-felted slippers for my niece:

Felted Slippers - prefelted

The dark purple is not so flat. Maybe my camera, daylight and I will cavort tomorrow.

The yarn is Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky; I added nylon eyelash handdyed by Danette Taylor for the cuff. Think she'll like it? (She's 6.)

I finished knitting the silk merino scarf last night, just need to block it out and sew in the ends. I was hoping to wear it to the swap, but then realized it would need to be blocked anyway. I was thinking steam blocking, maybe 1/2 the length at a time. It's so soooft.

Silk merino scarf - unblocked