Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the carding 'speriment post!

Sunday night was the beginning of our first false alarm, complete with contractions and some pain. Not a lot of pain, not like I would expect with "real" contractions, but enough that they weren't fun. I went to the doctor Monday morning: I've started dilating. Maybe an hour after leaving the doctor's office, the contractions went away and it was back to "normal". After the contractions stopped, it was like when I get hiccups I can't get rid of that may have gone away -- I kept anticipating the next one and it didn't come. I felt that she dropped, though, and it's more obvious now (it feels different, people say it looks different, and my belly seems further away than it used to), even if I can't tell from the photo:

Week 37

Naturally, we rushed to buy anything we had been procrastinating on, including an outfit to take her home in. The car seat is in the car. Her clothes and cloths have been washed. I even bought a boppy and nursing bra. If she shows up early, we're set. I joke that, now that we're ready, she's gonna be late. Ha. It is, after all, 3 weeks to the due date.

When my sister was pregnant with her first, she convinced herself that she'd go early. Naturally, she went late. And the last couple of weeks were pure misery. (Well, very uncomfortable and frustrating at the least, heh.) I decided not to expect to go early, and anticipate going late. Just in case. So I haven't been "prepared" (because really, who is?) to go early.

Having a false alarm 3 1/2 weeks before my due date took me by surprise. But after it happened, we were definitely ready (and impatient) to welcome her early! It's been hard to go back to the previous mindset.

This weekend we went to a performance sponsored by Pilgrim Theatre, a group I've acted with in the past. It was an evening of piano-accompanied cabaret in languages ranging from English to French, German, Yiddish, and even Russian (I think). Besides being a lovely person, Belle has a wonderful mastery of her voice; her songs are very present and filled with life.

The delightful surprise of the evening (besides seeing old friends) was how the little one reacted to the music. There were a couple of songs that she really responded to, and my belly pulsed almost to the beat of the music. Literally! It blew my mind.

Yesterday, while ripping CD's (preparing my iPod for the delivery), I came across an Edith Piaf "best of" CD. The songs were in the same style as some of the cabaret performance, so I played it to see if the little goober would respond. She pulsed again! Throughout an entire song, and then some. I grabbed my camera to record it and though it's fuzzy, you can tell my belly is pulsing rhythmically. I don't know how she's moving that it would look that way -- could she be tapping her foot??? Anyone have a similar experience?

Anyway, now that we've had our first false alarm, it's time for a contest, before it's too late!

When do you think she'll show up? Leave your guess: date and time. Bonus points if you show preference for earlier than later, hehe.