(The title should really read "Comedy of Dumbass Mistakes", but I figured I'd keep the post title clean.)

You know me too well. Of course I went for surgery! And it was a lot more trouble than I expected.

First, I separated the upper and lower portions at the point where the armholes should have begun:

Tangerine Cardi - in progress

Then I knit enough to catch up to the upper portion. But because of selvedge increases at the armholes and the decreases for the neck, I decided to graft a row or two higher.

I actually grafted on a row that had neck edge decreases in them, which was a little more interesting.

Tangerine Cardi - in progress

Tangerine Cardi - in progress

I got it into my head to graft the upper and lower portions together in such a way that it looked entirely invisible at the edges. I don't know why. Maybe because the rest of the project had been so simple and this would make it more interesting.

What actually happens to the yarn on the edge stitch is not straightforward. Have you examined it before? It twists and turns in unexpected ways and goes up or down into a row you don't expect it to. Not that it matters, since the edges typically end up hidden in the seams...

My first attempt looked like this:

Tangerine Cardi - in progress

Which is not a bad looking edge, but not invisible. My second attempt (on the other side; please, I wasn't about to re-graft what I had done) looked like this:

Tangerine Cardi - in progress

Pretty close, but not perfect.

Really, who cares? It's going into the seam and won't be seen! I can't explain it. There are a lot of things lately I can't explain. I'm going with "I'm pregnant" on this one.

The left and right fronts look roughly like this:

Tangerine Cardi - in progress

You can see the grafted row; I'm expecting (hoping?) that blocking will blend it in.

As for the back, I somehow managed to have to graft on the opposite side (from the right edge instead of left) and I wasn't ready to start again on the "perfectly grafted edge" thing, so I left it and started knitting the sleeves instead:

Tangerine Cardi - in progress

Doesn't that look crazy?

And by the time I got the sleeves done and was ready to graft, I couldn't remember which row I was supposed to graft to. And (it seems) I have precious few brain cells firing these days. So, though the grafting went fine (and screw the edge thing), I ended up grafting too high up the upper portion. Which meant it was too short. And the fronts were actually too long because the original fronts were too long.

So I reknit the last few rows of the back a couple of times (you know, just for fun), and then frogged a few rows of the fronts and bound those off again as well.

Tangerine Cardi - in progress

Phew. Frogging would have been easier, but then, it would have been just mindless knitting and a beginner pattern. Instead, I elevated it to Intermediate status! (I read "elevated" and think, "I do not think that word means what you think it means" - from The Princess Bride).

Ends are woven in and I just need to find some cute buttons and give it a bath.

Baby's First Quilt

In stark contrast to my dumbass mistakes, look what arrived in the mail last week:

Baby's First Quilt!

A beautiful quilt made by Erin! I love the colors and the fabrics she chose and I can't believe she made it for the little goober. I have zero quilting skills so I'm all the more impressed! What a lucky baby. Thank you so much, Erin!

Preggers Update

And while I'm on the subject, the little goober has been head down for a few weeks now. She's active and likes to shove her butt into my right rib. I'm sure I'll have a bruise there when all's said and done. 

When I'm leaning back to watch TV, I regularly interrupt Scott to show how deformed she's made my otherwise round belly.

I clipped my toenails last week for what I expect will be the last time in a while.

She gets hiccups at least once a day, though for only 10-20 minutes at a time. As she's been growing, the hiccups have been getting stronger, so that now, you can see my belly jump with each hiccup.

I'm still waiting to see if I'll become an outie. Scott's not convinced; he thinks I have no belly button now.

He's also impervious to my daily remarks of, "I think I'm bigger today!" Though he does, on at least a daily basis, tell me either, "Holy crap you're big," or "That's quite a belly you've got there!"

I've been really really tired most of the third trimester; hence, less posting, less blog reading and commenting, and much fewer email responses. Sorry! I do read comments, but I'm sorry I haven't been responding to them like I had been. I cut back my hours at work, which definitely helps. In addition to needing more sleep, I'm also not able to sleep very well. I know, I know, it's preparation for future sleeplessness. Ha, I don't buy it. I'd rather take the crash course. For a while I was getting up every 2.5 hours to empty my wee bladder, and that just saddened me in a way I can't express. Propping pillows helped for a few days and I got 6 hours of straight sleep a night or two! But now it's catch as catch can.

And we've been trying to clean out the computer room (aka the "I don't know, put it in the computer room for now" room) to make room for a baby room. We're finally making visible progress! But that's a subject for another time.