Baby's first handknit is gorgeous:

Baby's First Handknit!
Look, Scott, no wool!

and knit by Cheryl! The colors are richer than pictured (she has a better picture here) and the sweater is oh-so-soft in pima cotton/tencel. And I love that it's a non-traditional baby girl color, too. Not that there's anything wrong with pink. :) I can't wait until the little goober shows up so she can wear it. I think that's the point when it will really sink in: Baby wearing handknit knit with love by a fellow handknitter! Thanks so much, Cheryl!

I finally got my butt in gear and started knitting a baby cardi. I made good progress at first:

Tangerine Cardi - in progress

I decided to knit the body in one piece to minimize seaming, and made the appropriate adjustment of selvedge stitches. And once I got to the armholes and neck decreases, I added back in the selvedge stitches and even knit the separate pieces all at the same time, so they'd match and be the same length.

Tangerine Cardi - in progress

And that's when the warning bells went off. See those armholes? Don't they look kinda small to you?

Tangerine Cardi - in progress

Yeah, even for a baby. I checked the pattern and checked my knit, and had my A-Ha moment, followed swiftly by my Oh No moment. You ready for it?

I began the armholes at the same time I began the neck decreases.

I should have started them sooner. About an inch sooner. About where the stitch markers are. The pattern makes no mention of armholes because, knit in pieces, the side seams are flat, straight edges; and, however wide the sleeves are, they get sewn in, and however much seam that's left gets sewn up for the sides.

Totally rookie mistake.

I could blame it on pregnancy brain and third trimester exhaustion (both valid excuses, of course). Oh hell, I will. I'm almost 35 weeks preggers, for crying out loud!

My two options at this point are to rip and reknit, or do some surgery. Guess which route I took?