Spa was, in a word, wonderful. But we're never satisfied with just a word, are we?

Here are a few highlights:

Anne met me at my house and had the dubious honor of being the second (fiber loving) person to see my yarn room. She didn't fall over from shock, a good sign. (There was plenty to pad her fall, if it did happen...) We talked shop for a while, and throughout the weekend - spinning, fiber, carding, wheels. As Anne says, we're geeks and we're happy that way!

Erin came by for a few hours Saturday and I got to hold PumpkinGirl! She's a sweetie, she is. Very easy going, relaxed, content, alert. She was a real joy to hold. At first I was a little nervous, having mostly only held my niece and nephew, and not knowing if she'd be okay with me. But we got along fine and dandy (Laurie has a photo here!). Naturally I couldn't help but think that it wouldn't be long before I'd be holding my own.

Living the quiet life, we don't see many people outside of work. It therefore tickled me pink to have so many people smiling at my belly and telling me how cute I looked pregnant. How could I not keep smiling?

I spun on Marcy's Alden Amos wheel. And drooled. And promptly made Anne go spin on it too. We're smitten. We're scheming.

Seeing Erin and Cheryl again was really cool because they're who I spent my first Spa with last year. I was remarking to Cheryl how much has changed in the last year, and how many more people we know! What an amazing year it's been.

Spending more time with people I've met, like Carole, Blogless Sharon, Judy, and Kim was wonderful; and meeting new folks, like Laurie, Cassie and Martita, was cool. Meeting someone face to face puts a different perspective on their blog, don't you think?

The Little Goober was very quiet from Thursday through Saturday: Thursday was massive cleaning; Friday was the drive up and early Spa mayhem; Saturday was regular Spa mayhem. Saturday night we got back to our hotel early and chilled out, and The Little Goober started dancing around again. I missed her. It was nice to have some quiet time and feel her moving around again.

At my last appointment, I had lost a pound. My doctor said I'm still on track, but she wants to see me gain weight at the next appointment (in 2 weeks!). (I tried all weekend to eat some ice cream, I'm sure Anne and Kate were getting sick of me mentioning it at every meal.) I ate SO MUCH this weekend (compared to usual) and definitely came home bigger. Even Scott, who resists my regular "don't you think I've grown again?" queries, was surprised when he saw me, and said, "my what a belly you have there." Let's hope the scales agree!

Those are just a few highlights; I couldn't possibly tell you much more than to say, Get thee to Spa next year! I did buy a few nice things, naturally. ;) I'll show them tomorrow.

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