Thanks for the nice comments on the shawl! It feels totally weird because, hehe, I knit most of it thinking I might be the only that liked it. But I'll take it.

I think we've established that I'm in many ways a geek. It should therefore come as no surprise that Scott is one too.

Most of us are content to buy PC's that come assembled, that only require you to push a button to hear bleeps and blips. Not Scott. He scours the 'net for information, carefully picks his parts in line with his budget (he saves his monthly budget for big upgrades, while I fritter mine away on fiber and yarn) and to maximize his gaming experience. He's been saving for a while, and now has a new toy!






I could try to rattle off specs, but let's just say, he's pretty happy with it. He especially likes the glow:

Ooooooh, aaaaaah

Me, I'm happy he's happy. And, I get his hand-me-down parts, so I'll have my own upgrade soon, too!

In knitting news...

After unexpectedly finishing the knitting on the shawl, I had no knitting lined up. Still jacked up on my UFO Resurrection kick, I picked up Trellis, last seen in August.

I hope that post is incorrect and what's pictured are the fronts, as I'm currently knitting the sleeves and don't remember having knit them before...

It didn't take long for me to remember why I left this knit in the dust. The yarn. Not wool. Rowan All Seasons Cotton, which, while nice, has no wool. I like wool. I don't like no-wool.

But, I'm persevering. The fronts are pretty much done:

Trellis - fronts

12 UFO's to knock out this year; this one will be my March project.