Your support was truly overwhelming and totally unexpected. The whole thing took me by surprise.

Just to clear up a few things:

  • I did read about the group back when and saw that several non-snark posts were unlocked. These tended to be "praise" type posts. Because the one linking to mine was locked, I guessed that mine was not such a one.
  • The group did not "leave a trail" on purpose. I would imagine that many people either do not have access to their website stats, do not understand them, or do not bother to check. I'm a geek, so I do check.

Okay, that out of the way:

I received comments from the folks who actually linked to me, and they unlocked the post. As it happens, it was a constructive discussion of the effects of different yarns on patterns in A Gathering of Lace and Folk Shawls. And, what was said about me:

Monica at Two Left Needles even made A Beginner's Triangle look exciting, but she hand-spun and dyed that yarn, so she's got an advantage.

Yeah. Not so snarky. Quite the opposite, in fact.

So, yeah, that spun my head a bit.

I truly appreciate everyone's support and the kind words that were said. (Also, it's been so nice to see people de-lurking recently! Hello!) You really cheered me up, enough that I finished knitting the shawl this weekend! (I know! Whoddathunk???) And, I appreciate the folks from the knitting_snark group for clearing up the misunderstanding. It did make me feel better, and I feel, well, almost foolish for all the wasted energy. I can't believe I stopped knitting the shawl over this!

Of course, it's all 20/20 hindsight. I hope, should something like this happen again, I'll just laugh it off.

But here's my suggestion to anyone in a secret snarky group:

If you're going to snark in secret, cover your tracks better. Instead of clicking links to people's websites, simply copy and paste the URL into your browser and hit enter. That way, no one will ever know! And what we don't know, won't hurt us.

And that's all I'm going to say about that. Onwards!

And now for something completely different

The little goober has switched from kicking and hopping, to wedging herself against some side or sides of me. I'll feel pressure and when I put my hand at the pressure point(s), I can feel what might be her head, her shoulders, her butt, just under the surface. She's favoring my right side, and I usually feel 3 pressure points: on the right side even with the belly button (my flattie), below and to the right of the flattie, and just to the left of the flattie.

It's not altogether comfortable.

She's also started hitting organs. Also not so comfortable.

I am officially entering the not-so-comfortable phase. I am finding that, with more sleep (and I do need more sleep), I am much more amused and much less irritated by the new phase.