It felt really good to pick up Norwegian Hat after 9 months and finish it! Actually, re-start and finish it, if you want to get technical... and actually, if we're getting technical, it is technically done, but may possibly be re-finished to fix the fit. But who's getting technical???

For my February UFO Resurrection project, I picked up the sad and lonely handspun shawl that was started (and dropped) last August:

handspun shawl - in progress

While I really like the yarn (soft 2-ply rambouillet/silk handspun), and I think it works well with the pattern to make a cosy everyday shawl, it was kinda boring to knit. Not only that, because I'm working wing to wing, the rows get longer and longer and ...

The other reason I neglected it was because my website traffic stats showed that it was being looked at by a group of snarky knitters. And that really upset me.

It seems silly to be so thin-skinned about it, especially when I don't know what was said. But at the time it really bothered me that there was a group of people gathered in secret with the intent of ridiculing other people's knits. It's so easy to criticize, mock and laugh at others' creations, and so much harder to do the creating. Just as it's so much more work to create a blog post, but only takes a moment to leave a harsh comment on someone else's.

I suppose it wouldn't have bothered me so much if I knew what was being said and who was saying it. Maybe I would have agreed with some of the points. But to do it in secret while leaving a "traffic trail" so I knew I was being targeted ... not so cool.

Anyway, I got over it.

I made a lot of progress in the last week, especially during a day-long Microsoft event:

Diamond in the Rough - in progress

and now that I've hit the widest point and have started decreasing, it's going fairly quickly! My goal is to have it finished in time for Spa.