Before I forget

You may have heard by now, Mini is organizing hat knitting for Children's Hospital Boston:

"There seems to be a ward of 10-16 year olds who are undergoing radiation and chemo for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses who need some hats. No, not just ANY HATS... they want the fun fur. Yup, I said it. FUN FUR. And they want a lot of it! Girls, boys... teens, preteens... all running around the wards at Childrens' Hospital with fun fur "hair"--- laughing, playing, raisin' hell.... sounds good, doesn't it?"

(Okay, non-fun-fur hats are allowed, too.)

She's got a bunch of patterns put together, you can find all the info here. There'll be prizes for most hats knit, random drawings, etc. She's got a bunch of prizes already and I'm donating a skein (or two?) of to-be-determined handspun. If you're able, sign up and knit a hat!


Pebbles sock 1 is done! I wanted to knit the pair from one skein, and the skeins are about 3.5 oz, so I had to stop a bit sooner than I might have. Here's the last photo I have of it: 

Pebbles Socks - in progress

I really like how the color swirls around the foot.

I like knitting socks with this weight yarn, it's just right for me. It makes a heavier sock, which maybe is not ideal (especially this winter); but it takes less time and requires fewer stitches, which is more my speed. For socks.

Sock 2 is already at the heel! Some lunch knitting and Knit Club tonight did some damage. I suppose it helps that I have small feet...


Last weekend we met up with a friend in Cambridge and I was too close to Mind's Eye Yarns not to stop by. Dangerous, I know. I couldn't help picking up a couple of things.

Merino/tencel sock yarn dyed by Lucy. Gorgeous! Socks? Lacy scarf?

Mind's Eye Yarns merino/tencel

4 oz merino/tencel top, soft and silky:


Isn't it weird that I bought merino/tencel in blues, one fiber and one yarn? I didn't realize until afterwards... I'm definitely into the blues these days...