New Year's came early! (My family celebrates New Year's, not Christmas.)

I saw a great deal on a barely used Ashford Joy Woolee Winder and jumped at the opportunity. It arrived quickly! Of course I had to spin something up. First I finished some white superwash for a 3 color 3-ply that I've been working on, off and on, for months. And plied it. (More on that soon.)

Then I started on some blue faced leicester Calico Cat that I had dyed up a while back:

Woolee Winder Woolee Winder

I agree with my original impression that it looks more camo than calico.

The WW screws into the Joy, replacing the entire flyer/bobbin assembly. It's not a tight fit, however. There is some wriggle room. At Rhinebeck, when Anne and I were spinning on our Joys, I noticed a difference between her flyer and mine. Mine seemed to be just a hair longer, or shorter, I forget which, so we weren't able to interchange our flyers (we were troubleshooting some wobbling on hers, I think).

That the WW doesn't fit my Joy in exactly the same way is not so surprising. I think there were some changes made between when her Joy was made and when mine was made. Or, if I'm making that up, maybe mine is just off. Either way, I hear the WW folks are helpful, so I'll give them a shout and see what's what.

Meanwhile, I cut out the centers of some flat cork pieces to temporarily make the bobbin flush. Of course, I don't have a picture to show you.

Now that I'm writing this, I'm sure I'm not being all that clear.

Calico Cat 2, bobbin 1
a bit faded but shows the color variation

Do you see how the singles are winding more on one end than the other? That's because the hole where the flyer screws in is a little shallower than the WW flyer is made for. So, there's room for the bobbin to move. Consequently, the bobbin doesn't wind evenly.

Well, I tried. It's late. I don't think I can explain it any better. :P

Calico Cat 2 is spinning up differently than the original. Both are BFL, I think, but I like the other BFL better. I think this one will still have an interesting tweedy thing going on when plied. This photo is darker, but I think the colors are more accurate:

Calico Cat 2, bobbin 1

What do I think of it? The WW, I mean?

It's different. I don't have quite the same "humming classical music" feeling that I used to get with the Joy. It did take some adjusting.

The bobbins are larger and pack more tightly so I can fit 4 oz on a bobbin, vs 2 oz, which is a HUGE plus.

Not having to change hooks is AWESOME. But it also means I have to consciously stop to take a break. I'm not used to that.

The WW really ROCKS when it comes to plying. Not having to change hooks while plying and being able to fit a lot more onto a bobbin makes a TREMENDOUS difference. Not losing the plying rhythm is NICE!!!

I miss the "humming classical music" feeling. I don't know if I'll get it back with time. But I really like the uninterrupted spinning. It's a trade off.

I'm contemplating getting one for my Schacht. I'll see how it goes. I wouldn't use it for laceweight, but for other weights, it might come in handy. And for plying. Especially if the bobbins are larger than the Schacht's already larger bobbins.

Do any of you Schacht owners have a WW? What do you think?

Do any of you Schacht owners have a WW for another wheel but not the Schacht? Why?


PS: The Guernsey Dress pattern is from Cotton Knits for All Seasons.