What a fun contest! I enjoyed reading the entries, from pure guesses, intuition and wishful thinking, to logic, half-logic, and half-baked-logic -- I loved them all!

When I was a kid in Toronto there was a jump rope song we sang; I don't remember most of it, but the title refers to:

"Purl, purl, it's a girl and daddy's going cra-zy"

Of course, I'm sure they didn't mean "purl". ;)

It's a she! And she's healthy and checks out fine.

The ultrasound was wicked cool. We could see all four chambers of the heart, beating; bones, fingers (5 and 5!), brain, spine, feet, femurs, tibias, the works. I was lying back so my view was not the greatest, but Scott insisted she had my nose, and he had the doctor go back to show me. I think he's right. Isn't it amazing that you can tell such things at 20 weeks?

She's active, she's healthy, she's a girl. And we couldn't be happier.

We've been running around to 3 different libraries gathering materials for Scott's research paper so the contest results will wait 'til tomorrow. Thanks everyone for playing and for entertaining me throughout the day!