Tomorrow is our ultrasound. Can't wait!

For kicks, let's have a little contest. Let me know if you think it's a girl or a boy. I'll draw a winner randomly from those that are right! Prize will be 4 oz superwash merino in my Sunfires colorway if you're a spinner, or some yet to be determined yarn if you haven't caught the bug yet.

Contest closes Dec 7 at 6 pm. It's not that much time, so your chances are fabulous! I'll likely be at BASD tomorrow night so I won't be able to post until Thursday.

Should I tell you I've had 2 dreams that it's a girl? Would that sway your opinion?

Have my dreams been prophetic in the past? Well, since we don't see giant soda can monsters roaming cities and wreaking havoc, I'm going with no. I've also not been shot in the ear, and have yet to fly through department stores with a jet pack strapped to my back (boy, was that fun!). So, you'll have to interpret it as you will.