Buttons: Check!

The Project, button

The Project is buttoned, washed and laying flat to dry. Yay!

I'm really happy with how it came out. More work than expected, and a bit fiddly, but definitely worth the effort. Look how cute:

The Project, detail

Please dry soon!

And, Pink Panther sock one is done:

Pink Panther socks, first sock done!

I turned the heel 3 times and knit the top cuff twice. I'm pleased with the results. The striping, though I'd prefer it to straddle the heel, is not broken; and the top 2x2 rib is hidden since I started it after the first full black row. I used extra black that I cut from the heel so there's only a few yards left over. Sock 2 is already in progress. Unbelievable!