I'm sick and running on 2 cylinders so I'll keep this short. (That's not the good news.)

A little motivation will get you a long way. All that wonderful foliage I saw after my last post motivated me to finish knitting the Falling Leaves shawl. I really wanted to have this shawl done while it matched those leaves:

Falling Leaves Shawl - in progress

Plus, I really want to wear this to Rhinebeck!

I was concerned about the smaller than expected size, and the non-flat top edge, and hoped blocking would take care of both. It's blocking now and seems fine!

The longer rows changed the striping behaviour drastically. Where before, a color spanned more than 1 row, towards the end, they didn't even cover a row. So the left and right edges don't match at all:

Falling Leaves Shawl - in progress  Falling Leaves Shawl - in progress

Not that I'm concerned. More amused.

As always, knitting with handspun trumps almost any other yarn. And knitting with dyed handspun that is forever changing color with complexity: delightful.

There's more good news. We (finally!) finished up season 2.5 of BSG (woowoo!) and (finally!) got to watch the first two episodes of the new season! The flip side: having to wait until Friday for a new episode. And with Rhinebeck and Scott's classes, it'll be more like next Tuesday... Ah, well. It's worth it.

The last good news is the best, of course:

and baby makes 3

Yup. Now you know the main reason I've been absent and so danged tired. We're due at the very end of April and we couldn't be more excited!