Thanks for all the nice comments on the shawl. I have to say, I had high hopes for the shawl because of the original colors in the fiber. However, how it plied together and is knitting up exceeds my expectations. I'm mesmerized by the play of colors and so far that has helped me keep knitting without hitting that (inevitable?) "going crazy" stage in the shawl. I have many yards to go, so it's early yet.

A few odds and ends, I'm not up for a proper post.

Tomorrow night is the first BASD meeting for the fall. It's open to new members so I hope you can go! I know, I know, such short notice, I suck. :-/  The meeting starts at 7:30 and is in Sudbury, MA (directions). The next meeting is October 25, so mark your calendar.

I'm destashing some yarns. You can see info here and photos here. Let me know if you're interested in anything.

I took photos today of the fiber I carded on the Supercard, so I'll have those tomorrow.

Today, talking to John, the UPS guy outside work (he delivers our packages too), I realized that I'm sad it's Fall. Sad! I love Fall! Fall is my favorite season! What's up with this sadness? And, not only am I sad, I'm expecting it not to last very long. I believe what I said was, "I hope we get at least a few good weeks before it goes."

[insert that funky "record being rewound" sound]

Around here, Fall foliage usually peaks mid-October. We're getting some foliage going now, and I've seen the starts of it since beginning of September. So unless this is an unusually cruel and bitter Winter ahead, we've got at least October for Fall weather, and maybe some November as well. Before it's really Winter. And since Fall usually only lasts, what, a month? this potentially 2 month Fall makes me sad how???

I think it's the short summer. The failing sunlight. I feel like End of Summer was pulled from underneath me like a fancy table cloth trick.

It's gotta be the sunlight. There's so much less of it now. It's dark in the house when I get home and I have to turn lights on right away to see anything.

Maybe the thing to do is mourn the loss now so I can make a quick transition to enjoying my favorite season. 'Cuz what good is an extended favorite season if I can't enjoy it?