I was a bad blogger yesterday. I went to the Boston Knit-Out and Crochet Too yesterday and took exactly one photo:

Boston Knit-Out lunch break

Clockwise from left, that's: my buddy Maria, me, Kathryn, Jenna, Carole, Kate, Heather, Adrian, and Blogless Sharon. We ate up a storm at Fajitas & Ritas (with this company, you can bet there were more than a few 'ritas, wink wink), swarmed into Windsor Button, and generally had a Good Time.

I was worried I'd get all weird and wonky as I sometimes do at these "there are masses of people and I have no clue what to say" type events. I managed not to pass out, not to offend anyone too much (sorry Carine ;) ), to convince Carole that I have at least 4 readers, to hear Kathy's lovely accent without going into a trance, and actually to save a few of us from being hit on by a strange man (it was an inspired moment).

I got to see Kate's version of Sand River and it looked so great. Of course, bad blogger, didn't take a photo. So soft and much drapier than I expected.

Carole was modeling her lovely shawl; I think I gave her a conniption when I pretended to "lift" it before she knew I was standing there. It's just beautiful.

There were vendors representing, though nobody selling. There were a few freebies being handed out, patterns and the odd skein of yarn. And for door prize I picked up some fluffy nylon eyelash yarn.

All in all I had a really great day; it makes me look forward to Rhinebeck all the more!

*     *     *

That would be a good place to end, but look at this:

Autumn Waves - in progress

(Last night: four BSG episodes down, leaving four left to watch in Season 1. Scott's loving the show; my plan is a success. Muahahaha.)

The last several repeats have been striping in the most interesting way:

Autumn Waves - in progress

The colors in the "valleys" are different than the ridges on several of the latest rows:

Autumn Waves - in progress

Yes, I'm easily amused. I thought knitting handdyed yarns was fun. Knitting handdyed handspun is even bettah.