Ever since the tools arrived, I've been craning to see if a box is sitting on the porch as I pull into our driveway. Today:

It's here!

A box! A big box! A heavy box. I underestimated what 64 lb shipping weight means. I could barely lift it, and when I did, I nearly fell over trying to get it down again.

After removing a bevy of heavy duty staples, and more staples, and yet more staples, I finally got a peak inside. First words out of my mouth: Oh my god.

Patrick Green Supercard

It's a lot bigger than I expected (roll of masking tape for scale). And it's heavy. The packaging doesn't weigh much. I couldn't get it out of the box.

I disassembled the knitting machine while I waited, and when Scott got home, he heaved it onto the table in my yarn room (well... "placed". I would have heaved.). It has to live in the yarn room. No way Scott would survive the fluff flying off of it.

It's big. Really big. And shiny. A real piece of work. Intimidating. What's that running through my head? Oh yeah. "What the hell were you thinking???"

It's a Patrick Green SuperCard. I originally ordered the Fancicard, but a 6 week wait turned into a 3 month wait turned into a potentially many months more wait. As it happened, the SuperCard was available NOW. There were a lot more reasons involved, which I won't go into. Suffice it to say, I'm a bit overwhelmed that I am now the proud owner of an amazing piece of machinery that I have no idea how to use. I am not worthy.

I would go have a drink and play, but there's something on the bottle about operating heavy machinery...

I'll get there.

I hope.