Look at this gorgeousness:

Cloverleaf Farms merino/silk

That's the Cloverleaf Farms merino/silk, in two colorways, plied. If you remember, I hoped the rose/green colorway would brighten the autumn colorway, and the autumn would tone down and warm up the rose/green. I'm really happy with the results!

Before plying the whole shebang, I plied up a sample to see how it would look. As you can see above, in plied form the yarn looks pretty barberpole-y. I knit up a swatch:

swatching the merino/silk

I love the color gradations. And the colors. I feel the two different colorways bring a little more complexity to the final yarn, and parts that I thought would have stood out, like the sections with the green, blend in quite nicely.

The only thing I didn't like was the roundness of the yarn. I spun the singles to make it that way, so it's my own damned fault. I knew I was spinning to knit a shawl of some kind, but I figured it would be a cozy shawl, maybe with garter base. I didn't think a rounder yarn would be a problem. And, I really liked the look of the rounder yarn. But... it's not a "problem" per se; it's more that I wanted a little more drape than I was getting.

So, I plied the rest of the yarn with a little less twist to compensate. I think it's a good compromise.

The yarn bled a good bit in the wash, despite very very tepid temperatures (I kept the temp down fearing the silk would bleed). A lot of yellow/yellow-orange bled out. The colors are still gorgeous, though:

Cloverleaf Farms merino/silk

Of course, I couldn't help myself. I started knitting right away.

Cloverleaf Farms merino/silk

I've got just under 800 yards and 8 oz.

Cloverleaf Farms merino/silk

I'm not sure how much shawl that will get me, but I'll find out.