A year ago today we were just married:

At the pond
at the Lily Pond, Garden in the Woods, Framingham, MA

in a small intimate ceremony in a lovely garden with a handful of friends and family. A memorable day.

The last year has seen a horde of changes: double layoff and new jobs and all the stress and changes involved; learning to spin, starting a blog; gaining a nephew; spending time with Gram and watching Alzheimer's encroach. In that year we've only grown closer, and, despite everything going on, ever happier.

Today, we returned to Garden in the Woods to celebrate and remember our wedding day.

As it was a year ago, the weather was beautiful, sunny and mild. Unlike a year ago, there were more cars than spots, more people than trees (exaggeration). Perhaps it was because of the ongoing "Rock On!" exhibit. Perhaps it was the beautiful Sunday weather that lured folks out to enjoy this hidden treasure.

With so many families and children exploring the garden and rock sculptures, the feel of the Garden was very different from the peaceful quiet of our ceremony. But then, we experienced it after hours.

Below are a few photos from our walk.

[Sculpture names in quotes; click photo for larger view and artist name. Artist bios available here. I was most drawn to sculptures by Joseph Wheelwright ("Monk", "Fox Face" (not pictured), "Singing Stone", "Yodeling Stone", "Stone with Sores", "Balloon Stone"). His artist bio quotes him: “I am primarily in search of art that is alive, mysterious, tender, and strange, like the natural world.”]

on 'Stone Bench'
on "Stone Bench"

holding up 'Stone Bench'
holding up "Stone Bench"

gazing with 'Monk'
gazing with "Monk"

Reflecting in 'Ode to New Grange'
reflecting in "Ode to New Grange"

Turtles in the Lily Pond
turtles in the Lily Pond (actual turtles, not sculptures)


at the Lily Pond
at the Lily Pond

with 'Singing Stone'
singing with "Singing Stone"

'Yodeling Stone'
"Yodeling Stone"

'Stone with Sores'
"Stone with Sores"

picking at 'Stone with Sores'
picking at "Stone with Sores"

'Balloon Stone'
"Balloon Stone"

smiling with 'Balloon Stone'
smiling with "Balloon Stone"