Oh. my. god. You have to see the BSG Mini Series! I mean, if you haven't already. It's SO GOOD!

We bought the DVD's in preparation for Season 3. I needed to get hubby addicted so we could watch it together. He figured he'd probably like the show, just hadn't been watching enough to know what was going on. The Mini Series comes with the set we bought. It presents continuously with mini fade-to-blacks where commercials would be, but running continuously for 3 hours. 3 hours! I sat and knit for 3 hours wondering why there were no episode beginnings or endings, no credits, no theme song. Only figured it out after the fact when I talked to Scott. Hehe.

It really helps explain the storyline, little bits that I didn't quite get but didn't question. And it's so freakin' gripping and well done and so awesome to watch without commercials or fast forwarding. Or interruptions.

'Cuz Scott was at school. He's taking a coupla classes and pretty excited about it. And he's the one that said we should watch at our own paces and not wait for each other, 'cuz he usually watches 'em faster than I do. We agreed. Ahead of time. Hehe. So now he's behind.

So freakin' excited. I was hooked for all of Season 2, and, though TiVo-less, was a devoted Sci Fi Friday fan, so I'm pretty good for those. Not so sure about Season 1. Muahahahaha, all "new" episodes to enjoy before the season starts.

No, this is not "all BSG all the time" here at 2LN.

The skirt is in time out. Words were exchanged, there will be a cooling down period. Not to worry. I've knit through the end once and passed all pattern notes to Anne, and she's released Sangria for your hot little hands. Go have a Sangria, you know you wanna.

Meanwhile I'm taking a break by casting on for the shawl version of Sand River with the wool/alpaca I bought from Seacoast Handpainted Yarns. The yarn was doing some crazy vertical pooling, so I frogged back and am alternating between 2 balls of yarn, something I've never really done for variegated yarn. I've always just gone with the flow, with pretty good success. I would do that now, but I know that when I attach the second skein, and the third, the pooling won't be the same. There's still a surprising bit of pooling, but it looks like it'll start un-pooling soon. I'm not sure about the colors, definitely not my colors. I'll be curious to hear your thoughts tomorrow when I have pics.

On the spinning front, I washed and beat the primarily green primaries dyepot yarn. 12 oz, a little over 900 yards, about a sport or DK weight:

Primarily Greens BFL

The colors look a little different depending on the lighting -- lighter, darker, bright, somber. Soft BFL. And if you remember from this post, each 4 oz batch was a little different, one had a little more greens and light green, one more reds, and the third more blue. Can you see the difference?

And a close up for fun:

Primarily Greens BFL