My older scale got jealous. Though she'll never be used to weigh crack, she's served me well and deserves some air time, too.

This is my Soehnle 67060 Bretagne, bought on after a LOT of research. (Hmm. Sound familiar?)

Sohnle scale

My concerns when choosing a scale were: accuracy to 1g, and ability to weigh both yarn and packages for mailing. Therefore, I needed something that could hold a lot, both in terms of fitting a lot of yarn, and handling a good bit of weight.

Whenever you choose a scale, unless you're shelling out the bucks, you're either getting accuracy or capacity. The cute Palmscale from yesterday is accurate to .1g, but can only measure up to 250g. Not good for much more than a couple of skeins of yarn, but perfect for dyes and small stuff.

This Soehnle is accurate to 1g, but can measure items weighing up to 11 lb (5kg). It's sleek, it's sturdy, and really, it does a good job.

In researching, I compared capacities and prices of different scales, as well as their design, in terms of being able to hold, say a big package, or a big bowl of yarn, as well as looking cool. This scale met all requirements. The only negative (and a slight one at that): because the surface area of the scale is not very big, if you put big things on it, it can be hard to see the readout. Using a bowl of some kind helps.

I also read a lot of reviews to see what people thought and did other research online. The other factors in choosing this scale were:

  • ability to "tare" or "zero out" the scale; ie, put a bowl on the scale, tare so it's "reset" to zero, then add stuff
  • ability to measure in both grams and ounces, and easily change via a switch on the bottom (some models you have to unscrew something)
  • stabilizes pretty quickly when on or when measuring
  • auto-off
  • easy to store

I've had this scale for about a year and a half and have been very happy with it.

(Now go play nice with the Palmscale!)

We're off for a quick trip to Jersey to see friends and the Family Values concert. Should be fun. Have a great long weekend!