When it's been too hot to spin, I've been combing the Corriedale fleece:

combed corriedale

growing my pile of clouds:

combed corriedale

that are soft and fluffy:

combed corriedale

and weigh only 5.5 ounces.

Combing takes time. But it's so darned relaxing. When you don't stab yourself. And the resultant top, oh my oh my, such a nice preparation. And since I don't have specific plans for it anytime soon, no rush.

turkey lurkey

A few weeks ago there was a gaggle of turkeys in our front yard. A big one followed by 10 or 11 little ones. I chased them down the street with my camera (they stayed in the bushes, I followed along the road) but they were fast.

A couple of weeks ago I had to stop on my drive home to let them cross the road.

This past weekend they wandered through our yard again. They've grown! There were 2 big ones this time, you can see one on the left below:

wild turkeys

They're quite camera shy and are retreating to the left. They crack me up and tickle my city girl funny bone.

I'm off to Montreal. Enjoy your weekend!