Yep yep, a drum carder. Hee.

That's it for fiber content. Heh.

Splashing around

My nephew (13 months) went in the wading pool protected by his flotation lined suit. The boy cracks me up. He splashed and splashed and splashed, and made faces of displeasure when the water got in his face, but was thrilled to be splashing. Two conflicting emotions he happily combined. Of course, when I splashed him (drops, I swear), his smile vanished instantly. Not so funny. 

Playing with Auntie

He wanted to step straight into the pool. The deep end. He's so different from my niece, who was more or less terrified of the water. They're different in so many ways. Yeah, yeah, I know, I had a brother and sister and neither of them knit or spin, man, how different can we be??? It's, like, knit and day, totally.

Bahia teaching me skating moves

My niece (7 1/2) passed her next skate level while I was there and showed me a few moves. She and her friend taught me to skate backwards, something I never could swing on my own. "Just wiggle your butt." Hey, I can do that! I learned to skate when I was a kid in Toronto. In the winter, we'd take regular class trips to Park Lawn to use their rink. Part of P.E. (that's Phys Ed to some of you). I didn't skate well and was generally afraid of falling and hurting myself, having my fingers run over, that sort of thing. In fact, that's how I felt when I got on the ice last week. It's been at least a year and a half since the last time I skated, and at least as long before that. After having my niece show me the skills she's been learning and trying to copy her, I gradually relaxed and felt adventurous. Hey, if she can do it, I can at least try, right? So I figured out how to wiggle my butt and skate backwards. And not be terrified at the same time. Not bad.

Hey Gram,

me n gram

I may be getting old, but I can still learn a few tricks. :)

My sister, on the other hand, can still keep up with my niece. For now. ;)

Lisa and Bahia

(by the way, i look and act younger than my age, so Gram probably thinks i'm young. so when she said, "You're getting old!" on my birthday it was probably an expression of surprise. it's all in good fun.)