I'm back! Phew. What a week. I had a fabulous time in NC and have plenty of stories to share. Tomorrow. Or later this week. Want a preview? Let's see, there was visiting my niece's 1st grade class and demonstrating how to make yarn (!); having my niece teach me how to skate backwards; teaching her how to use the Joy; hanging out with my brother and sister; bonding with my nephew... yup, lots of good times.

I came home to this wonderful surprise:

Dye-O-Rama angel yarn for me!

My Dye-O-Rama yarn! My pal went missing so Sheila of Wool2Dye4 was my angel. Sheila was a Dye-O-Rama sponsor and since I helped organize, we had sent a bunch of emails back and forth early on. When I found out she was going to be at MDSW, we met up and hung out. So I got to meet my angel pre-angel. How cool is that? Sheila included beautiful glass buttons from one of her customers, Terri Persing, that match the yarn perfectly, and some Eucalan wool wash samples. Of course, I'm most excited about the yarn. I can't wait to see how the red speckled one knits up. Thanks so much, Sheila!

I slept most of Saturday, but when I (finally) woke, another package was waiting for me:

Alpaca yarn from Sunrise Ranch

Lucky me, 2 packages in two days! Inside were my Prize Patrol goodies from Claudia's MS Ride: 2 skeins of lovely 3 ply alpaca yarn, so soft and yummy, from Deb at Sunrise Farm. Really. Soft. Deb also included a bar of handmade soap that smells wonderful. I'm thinking lacy scarf for the yarn. Ohhhhh yeahhhh. Thanks, Deb!

Speaking of packages, 2 more bits. Back a month ago, I had a birthday contest. Well, I finally sent out the package right before heading to NC. I didn't take a photo so you can head over to Anne's to see it. Yep, better late than never. :) Check out her beautiful lace shawl in her post from yesterday. Knit in no time. How does she do it?

Last, while I was in NC I got an email from Susan of Susan's Fiber Shop, asking me if my package had arrived. I ordered it quite a while back, but she was out of stock and more were being made. Guess what it is??? It should be here sometime this week. Picture Snoopy doing his happy dance. Yup. That's me. :)