Thanks so much for your comments on the cormo. Some times I feel like I go on a bit and I'm not sure if anyone's interested, but I figure I'll throw it out there and see. It's nice to see the spaghetti stick to the wall every now and again.

Dye-O-Rama pal

My Dye-O-Rama pal got her yarn and liked it! My pal is Pippikneesocks, and you can imagine that when I drew her name I was a bit intimidated, thinking, crap, what am I doing in the experienced group, mebbe I should be in the WTF group! Have you seen all the yummy things she makes?

I wanted to come up with something different for her, and I knew I wanted to use pink and black, her signature colors. My first idea was to spin a 3 ply yarn with one ply variegated pinks, one ply variegated blacks and one ply either white or white with hints of pink and black. Dyeing the pinks went fine but somehow I had brown in my head instead of black and variegated browns just weren't happening. Ug-ly. I'll tell ya all about it another time. 

All's well that ends well, though. I'm happy with how things turned out.

I won!

Hey, I won something! I never win anything! I won something! I donated to Claudia's good cause by way of Anne and won some alpaca yarn from Deb of Sunrise Ranch Alpacas in the Prize Patrol! Heh. I won. Mebbe the rain will stop. If it does, maybe I'll see pigs. Flying. :)

Now that I've won something, does that mean I can no longer say I never win anything? I'll have to change to: I almost never win anything! I hardly ever win! If winning things were like batting averages, I'd be batting a .001!

Just doesn't have the same ring.

Family time

I'm heading to NC Thursday to visit my sister, niece, nephew, and brother. I so need a vacation and to hang out with family and be super auntie. My nephew turned 1 this month and I feel like I'm missing all his moments. You can bet I'll be soaking up the moments this trip. I probably won't be able to blog while I'm there, but I've been such a slacker lately I'm sure you're used to it by now.


I wanted to really thank y'all for being so supportive about Gram. I didn't say much after the last post a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn't return emails to your wonderful comments. All I could do was take it in and appreciate your words of support and the ideas you brought.

Last week I finally pulled myself together enough to look up Alzheimer's caregivers support groups and located a couple in the area that I might go to. I also did some research on and picked out a few books on Alzheimer's. It's strange. These are the types of things that, in other parts of my life, come naturally to me. Finding resources and information to help me understand something I don't understand. Somehow, I blanked. I had thought of support groups before, but it seemed distant and unattainable. Until a couple of you suggested it, and a week had passed, and I stopped to think, I felt like I had no idea how to find a support group or what to do. It's like my brain short circuited, was a skipped record stuck on a track, a program stuck in a loop, unable to compute.

When the books arrived, I couldn't bear to look at them. They sat. Until today. I started reading at lunch. I think they'll be helpful in finding ways to cope, finding ideas for how to respond to Gram when she says things that make no sense to us, when she tells us she's seeing things we can't see. For figuring out how to see the good things, the happy, the light, and not just the sad and heartbreaking. Or amidst the sad and heartbreaking.

We had a good visit with her yesterday. She seemed to be in good spirits, and she's moving around fairly well. She was talking about her family, and pulled out an old family photo, in black and white, with 11 "kids" ranging from teenager to 30's. I asked about each and she told stories. I loved that.

When the aide came to take her to dinner, Gram introduced us (again) to the aide, but couldn't remember my name, or Scott's. Lately she can't remember "grandson"; she knows who we are but can't remember the labels, the names.

Anyway, thank you. Your words touched me and helped carry me through the last 2 weeks.

Podcast help?

I often read my posts to Scott and have a lot of fun doing it. When he reads them on his own, they don't sound the same to him. So I thought mebbe I could record some of them. So you can hear them how they sound in my head! (yes, I admit, scary thought) Or listen while knitting. ('cuz I'm all about multitasking.)

'Cept, I know nothing about how to make that happen. And yes, I could find a book on it, or a website, but, um, I gots a lot on my plate right now. And I know there are some of ya out there with some experience? That would be happy to hook me up? :)