Thanks so much for your words and thoughts. Just. Thank you.

This week I'm at a technical conference in Boston so posts will be spotty, but I've been dyeing and it's been fun so I hope I can squeeze something in here and there.

I tried a new method over the weekend:


It's about time I got started on my Dye-O-Rama sock yarn! I knitted up some Kona on the knitting machine and then dyed stripes of pink, black and white. The results were a little unexpected with some bleeding of black dulling the pink, a few black splotches, and a lot less white than expected from dye migration. But, overall, I got the effect I was looking for, so with a few tweaks I think it will suit my purposes. I'll post more details on the whats and the hows soon (you know me, there were plenty of calculations flying around, some useful, some not so much).