I haven't been in a spinning mood but I've been wanting to spin. Not sure how that works.

I've managed it by spinning small samples of different fibers, playing around. Mostly MDS&W stuff, spun thin, fingering to laceweight.

Buffalo from Little Barn came in fluffy batts which were harder to spin, with fibers going every which way:


It's very soft and short fibered. I sampled it in 2 weights:

Buffalo samples

Hoh boy, that's itty bitty stuff. I think my spinning and plying have improved quite a bit! I'd like to try carding (when I get cards) to line up the fibers, see how that works.

I tried a bit of the Blue Moon Fiber Arts merino/tencel:

Blue Moon Fiber Arts merino/tencel sample

I'm not sure I liked spinning it, and I definitely overplied it. I'll have to revisit it some other time.

I also tried some of the Happy Hippy optim:

Happy Hippy optim sample

It's a thin fingering to lace weight. I started out thicker and gradually spun thinner as I got more comfortable with the fiber. Of course, when plied to itself, the thickest parts meet up with the thinnest parts.

The optim is very soft, and kinda limp, which I'm guessing will make a very drapey knit. I kinda liked spinning it. The fibers are very fine, but the staple is pretty long. At this weight a little goes a long way.