I confess to feeling no guilt to those I made sushi-hungry. Sushi gooood.

Here's a good birthday thing I failed to mention. My sister recently returned from a month long trip to Japan (boy did I miss her) (and boy was I jealous). I asked her to bring me back some Japanese binders for my knitting projects. This is how I've been keeping track of my projects for as long as I can remember:

Knitting notebooks

Why? I can't say. It just fits. I keep all my projects listed at the very front with start and end dates, kinda like a table of contents, and create new project pages for each new project:

Knitting notebooks
Well, I haven't been as good about it since the blog...

As projects are completed, they get archived into separate binders by start date. That way I can find them again if I need to. It's come in handy.

With all the knitting I've been doing recently (ie, before learning to spin), I ran out of binder space and have had loose papers lying around in disarray. In fact, I just found another batch lying on my desk.

Enter the birthday care package:

New Knitting notebooks!

and they're already (all!) in action! Thanks, sis!

Also in the package was an awesome drawing from my niece, which will go to work with me:

Awesome birthday drawing

a handmade card, the best kind:

Awesome birthday card

some yummy snacks, and some birthday money, destined to help make yarn. That's a lot of love.

Speaking of birthday money, my parents always send some, so I chose this as part of their gift:

Noro Silk Garden Lite

Noro Silk Garden Lite. The plan: Clapotis, for me. (Isn't it odd that all the skeins have different colors on the outside? I just hope I don't have as many knots as Anne did...)

Speaking of Noro, did you know that Kureyon is the Japanese way of pronouncing Crayon? Interesting, hunh? And last time I visited Japan (or the time before?) there was a cartoon called Kureyon Shinchan, about a little kindergarten (?) kid that had a strangely deep voice and whose antics cracked people up. I could never figure out what was funny. Was it his voice? Was it a series of inside jokes? According to the link above:

Much of the humor in the series stems from Shin-chan's occasionally weird, unnatural and inappropriate use of language, as well as from his inappropriate behavior. Much of this humor is untranslatable for non-Japanese speaking readers and viewers.

Ahhh. I see.

This seems like a good time to show a picture of Obaachan (my grandmother) from my sister's visit to Japan, she's as Japanese as they come:

My parents, sister and her kids visiting my grandmother in her "group home"

Obaachan was having a really good day, recognized my mom, smiled, laughed:

Obaachan with my sister

Isn't she cute? (My mom tried to teach us to laugh that way, covered mouth, lady-like. Never worked.) Obaachan's been eating well and her spirits have really lifted since she moved into the group home. I'm so glad they had such a wonderful visit.