I'm dissatisfied with all my current projects and fiber options. I don't want to spin, I don't want to knit, I'm feeling definite fiber blahs. I couldn't tell you why. I haven't been motivated to work on FBS, despite the delightful yarn, despite its perfect appropriateness to the pattern. It bores me. Only 4 repeats into the main pattern, 6 more to go, and those ever increasing rows to look forward to. I remember with the last lace shawl, also knit top down, the first 1/6 raced by, the next 1/2 was torture, and the last 1/3 was sure and steady, in the groove. Have I reached the torture point? Or is the weather getting to me?

There's no A/C in this house. We need it. We will melt without it. We've got a couple of window A/C units but the windows are the old casement variety, opening side to side. Not a good fit. After 2 drippy, sweaty summers, will this one push us to desperate measures?

Speaking of desperate measures, Monday night Scott declared this ultimatum:

We have to buy a comforter/sheet set by Friday!

Woah. For Scott to make shopping ultimatums, the situation must be dire! And it is. Oh boy, it is.

For the last 3 winters, we've been sleeping beneath piles of blankets. Piles. His and Hers piles, with one or 2 shared layers. Old comforters. Fleece blankets not long enough to cover a body, paired and overlapped with a second fleece or cotton blanket. Afghans crocheted by Gram. Blankets upon fleeces upon afghans upon... us. This past winter was especially brutal; with the rise in oil prices and simultaneous loss of jobs, we turned the thermostat way down. The blankets were piled so high we could hardly move beneath them. Fixing blankets before sleeping was a time consuming ritual. Then we'd jump into bed, shiver, and wait for our body heat to warm us up. It took ingenuity and perseverance to place them just so, to prevent blanket avalanche in the night. We talked about buying a comforter, one comforter to replace the piles. A sheet set to match! We dreamed. And waited.

We made it through the winter, found jobs, removed piles of blankets when the cold abruptly turned to warm. We no longer need a heavy comforter, yet push has come to shove. While making the bed with mismatching sheets that barely fit our extra deep mattress, Scott's last straw snapped. Hence, Ultimatum!

We've been shopping the last 2 nights: Kohls, Linens 'n Things, and Macy's, where we found a possible set, but at $300 for a duvet cover, we balked. We did, however, buy The Magic Bullet, which was on sale and further discounted by a $25 off coupon. Impulse shopping at it's best.

We finally found something at Bed Bath and Beyond, a simple quilt-style coverlet, not at all what we were searching for. Not a comforter, not reds or earthy, rich colors. Instead, faded bright colors reminiscent of a summer home on the lake. Perfect for summer. We'll pick sheets to coordinate. They'll seem to (gasp) match. For the summer, our bed will look grown up. And light. And come fall...? Will we remember our long suffering immobile nights and preemptively BUY A COMFORTER??? Only time will tell.

Birthday contest

If you've made it this far, I salute you! For my birthday contest, I'll keep it simple. Super simple. Simply leave me a comment guessing the number of circular needles currently in my circular needle solution. It's that easy! And random! Winner will receive some yummy hank of something or other yarn.