Man, I came home yesterday and conked out. Woke up to wash up and was sure I'd be up all night but conked out again. Woke up this morning half asleep. Guess I was tired.

Photos of the MDS&W stash will have to wait because: [drumroll]

my Sockapaloooza socks came in!

Sockapaloooza socks

Rhonda from NC knit me a pair of cute Regia cotton socks in pretty summery colors. They feature lace detailing on the sides with complementing eye of partridge (that's what it's called, right?) heels:

Sockapaloooza socks

They're a bit big for me, but I know who they will be just right for.

Sockapaloooza socks

Look how closely the stripes match up:

Sockapaloooza socks

Thanks so much, Rhonda!

She also included 3 oz of blended Corriedale / Romney / Lincoln / Mohair / Tussah Silk / Flash from her friend Melissa. Lovely colors:

Sockapaloooza gift

Thank you!