The knitting is done! Socks have been washed and are drying. Not long now.

Here's where they were last night:

h&g - almost done!

Can't wait to send them off!

Here are the rest of the "also ran" trees. After the two initial and unsuccessful tries, I tried reversing the direction:

h&g tree attempt #3
kinda bush-like

and then switched gears. Knit-purl tree:

h&g tree attempt #4
too Christmas-y; also, looks better with a stockinette ground

Lace tree:

h&g tree attempt #5
blech; didn't bother finishing the top

Finally I went back to the bush-like one and added a trunk:

h&g tree attempt #6

I was originally going for pine forest. I don't know if the Black Forest is pine or not, but in my head it is. Ah, well. Close enough.

I have to tell you this. When I was a kid growing up in Toronto suburbs, birthday cakes were delicious Black Forest cakes bought from some yummy cake shop. Sweet but not too sweet. Chocolate shavings, just enough whipped cream, cherry on top. Moist. Light. I always looked forward to birthdays, mine, my brother's, my sister's. Loved those Black Forest cakes. Every time I hear Black Forest, be it Germany, ham or cake, I think of those birthday cakes and smile.