Only the ribbing left on h&g, and only the realization that after the ribbing I would still have to sew the bind off before washing it made me put down the sticks and back away from the knitting. Sleepy, bleary eyed, making mistakes. A good time to stop.

To distract you, here are some photos from the backburner. First, Stripey number plied up:

stripey number 2 ply

stripey number 2 ply

I just couldn't capture the colors, where are the purples? It's lovely colors like the dyed fiber, but it just looks blue here. At least you can see the yarn.

And the plied Sunfires silk as well:

handdyed silk - sunfires

It was only an ounce, not much at all. Too bad I didn't dye up more of that.

Speaking of silk, some lovely Interlacements rovings from eBay:

Interlacements silk

There's tons of it, and I want to go spin it!

Last, the handspun socks I worked on while listening to the Yarn Harlot:

handspun socks

This is the second yarn I spun on my (first) wheel, way back in February. Which I rushed through to clear up bobbins before my first official BASD meeting. Hehe. Plying took a lot longer than I thought. Still does.

Speaking of plying, Carole led me to Claudia's post about plying (good stuff), and now I realize that, since the stripey number had been sitting on bobbins for almost 2 weeks, they lost their energy and that's why it seemed I was overplying them. I wasn't. I picked up some pointers that I'm anxious to try out. Post Sockapaloooza. Almost done!