I'm digging the guesses on the idea behind h&g and the third design element. Julie is channeling the h&g when she mentioned birds. It's definitely connected.

I meant to take some photos this morning of the also ran trees, but, being tired already, starting The Godfather at 8 pm (yay, TiVo!), then posting, meant I turned the alarm OFF instead of snoozing this morning. Yikes. No pictures.

Ah, but I do have this from a couple of days ago:

First Tree Attempts

Those are my first tree attempts. Hey, that top one, take out a pair of branches and it's the Chinese character for little! Which is how much it resembles a tree. (Imagine, Chinese calligraphy in knitting. Why not?) I was going for pine tree. Yeah. Not so much.

All the traveling twisted stitches is starting to hurt my hands so last night I took a break and spun. Well, plied, mostly. I finished that superwash merino I had dyed,

Spun stripey superwash
that stripey number spun up

that stripey number, and it came to 500 yards for 4 oz. 500 yards! First of all, that means I spun 1000 yards of really thin stuff. That's 3000 feet. (Or 4235 of my feet.) It only felt like 4000, though. Really. Second of all, that's a lot of yards for 4 oz! It's not even lace weight. I gulp at lace weight.

I'm pretty happy with the spinning, not so happy with the plying. Now that I think about it, I think I've only seen one person ply, and I was being polite (read: shy and paranoid) so I only looked for about 3 seconds. If you're plying at MDSW and a short Asian chick comes up to you and stares at your fingers, it's me. I won't bite.