Dye-O-Rama update

Woaaahhhh Nelly. As of this moment we are at 248 confirmed registrations! Does anyone else feel faint?

Less than 5 hours before registrations are closed (8pm EST) so, if you want in, be sure:

- you went and filled out the form

- you got your confirmation email and clicked the link

- your name shows up on the form page

- you also registered at the Dye-O-Rama group blog

If you have problems, email us right away at dyeoramaswap@gmail.com so we can get you squared away!

Yarn Harlot update

She was high-larious as usual. I had heard a portion of her talk at the Spa Knit and Spin fiber retreat in January, but stuff still cracked me up, and there was new stuff that cracked me up too. If you have the chance to go listen to her, go!

The shop was packed, standing room only, and though we were early and were standing up front, come book signing time Maria and I found ourself at the end of the line. A long, slow moving line. Hehe, I'll bet the line at Webs is even longer. Remember yesterday when I was hoping not to say something really stupid or embarassing, or gush too much, or not say anything? Well, I get up there and after showing her my Knitting Olympics spin-dye-knit-a-scarf and thanking her for the inspiration to try something so ambitious, I found myself smiling and standing there silently. While she signed. Silently.

"Oh, I'm standing here silently. And smiling. I said I was going to try not to gush. Or stand here silently."

She looks up.

"So. Yeah. I love your blog and you were the inspiration for starting mine. So thank you."

She smiles.

"I said I would try not to gush, you probably get that all the time --"

"Actually, I don't --"

"You don't?" Incredulous look. "Really?" How can she not get anyone gushing? I was standing there for half an hour before she arrived and witnessed gushing. I remembered the first time I met her a year ago and feeling lots of internal gushing going on. She didn't know this?

I start talking really fast. Really fast. There's still the line, you know. But she needs to know. "So I was at work today, and I was telling this IT guy, because I'm, well, I'm in IT too, and we're outside the building and I'm telling him I'm going to the Yarn Harlot's book signing, and he says, 'Yarn Harlot' and --"


"Yeah. So I tell him how I met you a year ago at your first book signing and how I felt like I was 13 and meeting a rock star, even though I never gushed when I was 13 about any rock stars, and I told him it felt like [insert flapping hands and wild excited gestures], 'oh my god I'm meeting the Yarn Harlot oh my god!!!' You don't get that?"

She laughs. "No."

"People were doing it here before you arrived. 'I can't believe I'm going to meet her! I'm so excited!' See, they're all trying to be cool when you arrive so you don't see it, but before you get here they're all excited and gushing."

She's smiling. We're all entertained. I go on tell her how excited I was when I first met her. Flaping arms. Talking fast.

"Wow, you really got over your quietness."

I'm pretty jazzed up by now and smile and wave bye and try to move slowly so I don't fall over anything. How can she not know? People drive hours to see her. There were people from Connecticut and Maine there.

Every time I remember that moment, I chuckle. I was silent. I gushed. And to some people I may have been stupid or embarassing, but to me, I was sharing the excitement, giving her a glimpse of the excitement that goes on that she doesn't get to see. Being myself.