Thanks so much for your comments! It was especially wonderful to hear from folks that have been there all along but couldn't post. I was at work getting emails (I get emails from comments now!) and had a moment, I was, what do they say, verklempt? It was a wonderful feeling. I tell ya, you were there in my head, but it's so much nicer to hear it outside my head. I feel less crazy. ;)

So let's see, there's been a lot of stuff going on. Where to start?

I'm going to see the Harlot speak at Classic Yarns of Grafton tomorrow! I'm hoping I won't say something really stupid or embarassing. Or gush too much. Or smile too widely and not say anything. I'll be meeting up with my buddy Maria and she'll stop by the house afterwards to gawk at the stash. Go on, admit it, you're jealous. You want to see the stash!

Speaking of the stash... it has groooown. I spent the last of the stash sale monies on some Addis from Jeff Wonderland (so I can finish those danged Jaywalkers) and yarn at The Fabric Place. Look what a judiciously spent $22 will get you:

new to the stash

Superwash baby yarn and non-wool for Scott in Scott-safe colors!

I also ordered a few books from using reward certificates (read: free!), the Harlot's Knitting Rules, and Deb Menz's Color Works and Color in Spinning:


and they arrived within days! Oh boy oh boy, already started reading the Harlot's book and Color Works and am very pleased. (Are those Amazon things too obnoxious looking? I thought having the pictures would be nice.)

Taxes were a very pleasant surprise this year. I was hoping we'd break even or not have to pay too much. Instead, we're getting money back! Woohoo! I promptly ordered Woolcombsmini wool combs from The Artful Ewe so I can process some of that lovely alpaca and llama that shipped with my wheel. June had recommended them and I'm excited to try them out!

As if that weren't enough... today I stopped by Woolcott in Harvard Square and bought Heirloom Knitting, mostly subsidized with a gift certificate. Couldn't put it down.

Can you stand it?? Can I???

And last, but not least, there's some handdyed silk roving wending its way to me. No more on that 'til it arrives. Hoooo boy.

I hate to leave without some pics cuz I have a few stockpiled from the week, so here's progress on the Honeymoon Cami:

Honeymoon Cami - in progress

Honeymoon Cami - in progress

Honeymoon Cami - in progress