I was called a spinner recently. Specifically, the word linking to my blog was "spinner", as in "this spinner". It was the first time that word was used as my sole description and it was startling. As a long time knitter and johnny-come-lately spinner, I've yet to see spinning as my main squeeze. Lately, though, it seems that's all I do - spin, and dye stuff to spin. If you look through my recent posts, it's spinning heavy. And actually, because I started blogging shortly after learning to spin, most of my posts have some kind of spinning content in them. While I know I love to spin, how it fits in my life is an unknown blank. Spinning and dyeing are new so every experience is a learning experience, fresh, new, exciting; I'm like a teenager at an all-you-can-eat buffet, trying to sample everything without worries of the waistline. In time whether I become a spinner-knitter-dyer, a knitter-spinner-dyer, or some other combination, will become clearer. And really, all that affects is switching the words around on my blog heading. And how much budget goes to fiber vs yarn. And whether my cards will list "web developer, knitter, actor" or "web developer, spinner, actor" ... or perhaps ... "web developer, fiber artist, actor". For now, I'll just say there'll be a lot more spinning and dyeing going on than knitting.

Ironically, I have knitting updates today! A finished and steamed Picovoli:


Photos of me wearing it will follow post-flu.

And I picked up The Red and The Black again. I tried simple ribbing but didn't like the effect, so I stuck to simple stockinette stitch. Check out the striping at the heel:

The Red and The Black - in progress