Our TiVo arrived today and Scott already likes it. We can pause, we can record, we can rewind, we can make the TV wait for us, instead of rushing for it. Not that we watch that much TV. He's busy playing WoW, I'm busy spinning or knitting. But there are a few shows we like to watch, and it's nice to know we can watch them on our schedule.

Boy, I sound like an ad, eh?


Picovoli is oh-so-close to being done. The bottom and top picot edges are complete, just need to do the armhole edges. Sewing up the picot edges was very time consuming, surprisingly so. Picot edges in crochet are a lot of work for a pretty, dainty effect. I never liked doing them and probably avoided patterns with too much picot edging. In knitting, it's not so different. Creating the picot effect is very easy, but sewing the edge down is tedious. Well, all the more so when you have to redo it several times.

The picot edge won't lay flat, either. Steaming helps some, but I wonder if a plain edge would have been better? I wanted a slightly dressier look, though. We'll see how it steams up.

Roaster action

The merino, alpaca and last of the tussah silk were still soaking from the weekend so last night I cooked 'em up in the roaster:

more stripes

Hmm, look familiar? Yup, same colors as the stripey number. This time, simple repeating stripes and no exact measurements. I think the merino may have felted some, boooo. The roaster didn't seem hot enough so I turned it up. And then it was too hot. Booooo. The dye didn't penetrate far into the silk (thirsty stuff) so I'll have to overdye it. There are some white spots in the merino and alpaca, which is fine. The merino took the color flatter than the superwash did. Interesting to see how the different fibers behave.

Note to self

10 minutes in the morning is not enough time to rinse out dyed fibers. I know it's hard to resist, but self, you're better off doing it after work. It doesn't affect when the fiber will be dry (either way you wouldn't get to spin it until tomorrow night), and you won't have to rush to work. Just sayin'.