It's not April 1st, but we got snow anyway:

April snow

It came down hard from morning til mid-afternoon, and then melted away. It's been warm enough (thank goodness) that there was no accumulation on the roads, and actually, it was quite pretty and pristine. Still, I'm so tired of winter this year! Maybe I just haven't been getting out enough, going straight from work to home, and staying in much of the weekend as well. And before that I was home job hunting and didn't even go out to work! I am very ready for spring.

It's not just the weather that's got me down. One of the big things on my mind these days is Gram. Every week we go to see her she's doing a little bit worse. She used to take care of us each week, cook us meals, pick up groceries for us to take home (including things Scott didn't have the heart to admit he didn't like), give us pocket money. Now we take care of her; first it was bills and mail, now it's groceries, necessities, dinner, and of course, chocolate. Gotta bring the chocolate.

Last week I noticed her fingernails were really long. I sat on the floor and did my best to trim them with crappy clippers, the only ones I could find. I tried to get Gram to find another pair but she kept getting distracted and forgetting and I just had to chuckle to myself and remind her to look again. As I clipped she kept twitching so I was afraid I was hurting her. I figured those salon ladies chatted you up to distract you so I did my best to do the same. Later Scott told me she was falling asleep and every time I said something she woke up. He kept trying to signal to me but I was so focused on not clipping her finger that I didn't notice at all. In fact, I was sweating. Literally. I felt like I had tunnel vision. It was pretty stressful. For a moment I stepped outside the situation and thought it was a sweet picture, Gram in her easy chair, me on the floor giving her my best manicure. Hehe. Me sweating, Gram napping.

Last week Scott called me during the day, left a message; he sounded out of breath or upset, and told me to call him. All I could think was "something's happened to Gram" and I started to panic and think the worst. Turned out he had gone for a ride and was winded. Nothing special.

For the last few years, I've been waiting for that call about my grandmother. Every time my mom called, I waited for some indication that everything was fine before I could breathe easy. Any time it seemed like "something was up" I tensed and prepared for the worst. Once I got the call that my grandmother no longer recognized family, it was a sort of closure. I know "the call" will come some day and it won't be easy. It will probably take a couple of days for it to really register. Shock. She's so far away and not part of my every day life... not like Gram is.

Anyway, the fibery stuff is a good distraction.

Here's the leftovers dyepot from the other night:

leftovers dyepot

Mostly teals, which settled in the bottom of the dyepot. I predrafted tonight and there were bits that were a little felted, so I still need to work on that. It was definitely better than the last immersion dyed batch. The colors softened up in the predrafted bundles, too.

The sunfires were a little hard to photograph:


Below, left to right: tussah silk, superwash, bluefaced leicester:


I actually really like this photo of them. Vivid. Nice Project Spectrum shot, eh? And the darker half, really hard to photograph:



And continuing in the hard to photograph category, the stripey superwash:

stripey number

The colors are darker than shown. It's surprisingly silky and very soft. Should I ply it now to sample it?...