Thanks for the compliments on the new do and the red knitted stuff!

Just a quick post today to show you what I picked up from the post office this morning:

The Box

A big box, with an equally big box shimmied over it containing:

My New Wheel!

The wheel! Schacht Matchless Double Treadle. I took it out at work and just about everyone stopped by to check it out. I had fun explaining the mechanics to the mechanically inclined, but wished I had some fiber on hand to actually demonstrate. Okay, and to give her a spin.

She came padded with raw fiber:

Packing fibers

of the alpaca and llama variety. Nice padding, eh?

Packing fibers up close

The fawny fiber top left is high in VM, the others are dusty but otherwise look good. I foresee much fiber processing in my future.

I got terribly frustrated trying to get the wheel set up. There was bumping of parts that oughtn't bump and general lack of knowledge of parts and purpose. I was ready to holler and have a fit before I left for the BASD spinning guild meeting. Part of me wanted to just stay home and stew and figure it out. But most of me really wanted to go for the carding lesson and the chance for experienced hands and eyes to help me with the wheel. Good thing I went, I got what I wanted! I'll need to make some minor adjustments and give it a good cleaning, and then just get to know her.

If I weren't so darned tired I'd be doing a happy dance about now.

Speaking of which, I got very excited at work today when something I've been working on for the last week and a half finally worked! Really, I was hopping around excited and doing the Saturday Night Live "number oooonnneee" dive and that arm pumping thing that hockey players do when they score a goal. Yeaaahhhhhh! Considering I had picked up the wheel earlier that morning, I was surprised that I seemed more excited about web development stuff than getting a kick-ass wheel. I mean, the thing I was working on was way cool, but still, it's a web page, ya know? A web page that does a really cool thing!!! Anyhoo, I think, since I haven't spun on the Schacht before, I don't know what I have. I don't know how to react, except to be relieved that it arrived seemingly unscathed, in the number of pieces it's supposed to be in. I guess I'll have to spin on it a while for the excitement to register.