Found this the other day, cracked me up: How I learned to love

MJ's Norwegian Knits-Along is coming to a close and I was hoping to knit another something before it ended. I'm thinking a hat for me, red and black, similar to one she made. I studied the pattern and charted most of it out. Sadly, for all the fiber I just bought (all that stash selling was purposeful!), I don't have any extra for the kit. Or, I'd rather try to figure it out myself and save the funds for fiber. Yeah, something like that. For yarn, I have some Jaegar Matchmaker something or other in thin thin red and black, so my gauge will be probably be very different. There will probably be much frogging and adjusting.

My wheel should be here this week. I'm thinking sometime between Wed and Fri, but I don't want to get my hopes up too high. I don't have a tracking number, which is just as well because there's nothing I can do but wait. No website to check on the status multiple times in the day in vain hopes of an update. No constant reminders that it's almost here, almost here! Instead, it's best to just forget and think conservatively and be more than pleasantly surprised should it arrive earlier than expected.

Uh, feeling the adrenaline. Subject change.

Made much progress on Picovoli tonight while watching two subtitled foreign films (Bombay and Last Images of the Shipwreck, both excellent). Except for pauses for trying it on and figuring out where the waist decreases should happen, it's a pretty easy subtitled movie knit. I'm about to begin waist increases. Not long now!

You know how I was worried about the negative ease and, well, the whole fit thing? Fits like a glove. I'm kinda hoping it will stretch a bit so I don't feel so Kapow wearing it. I'm shy.

And Deep Rose Cabled Beauty (can we just call it DRCB?) is progressing much faster than I expected. A lot of this has to do with this weekend. I had a doctor's visit = half an hour waiting. Plus T (subway) travel time (can I tell you how much I don't miss the T?). And then a haircut appointment.

My hair is waaaay long. Was. You saw it when I modeled Creamsicle T, it completely obscured the neckline. I knew I had to hurry to get those photos because the hair had a date with the chopping block. It's been months since I got it cut, half a year at least. I had an awesome stylist do his magic shortly before the wedding; then I was traveling; then I was laid off and not about to hike into Boston to spend the bucks; and then I started a new job. All this time, it's been getting longer and longer (I know, that's what hair does), and driving me bonkers. When I throw my bag over my shoulder, my hair gets caught. When I roll over in bed, my hair gets caught. When I'm tussling with my hubby, my hair gets caught. No fun. With this doctor's appointment in Boston I figured it was the perfect opportunity to finally get it whacked.

I get there 15 minutes early, get comfortable and start knitting, trying not to watch the clock. Apparently I succeeded because half an hour later I'm wondering what the hell is going on. "Should be done soon." Fifteen minutes later, I left. I was pissed! The stylist (not the one who cut it before) didn't even acknowledge the wait, didn't come by to apologize or tell me she'd be done soon. Nada. After such a long wait I debated staying (when I had my coat on I was told she was almost done), but decided I couldn't condone the behavior. I had friends to meet, and while I wanted fabulous hair for the ballet performance we were going to see, it wasn't worth being late and fuming and feeling rushed.*

So yeah, 45 minutes of knitting there. And some lunchtime knitting. I must be close to the armpits now.

I did get my hair cut the next day while hanging out with a close friend that I miss dearly; we spent hours hanging out this weekend and had a blast. The guy who cut my hair was a little strange, a man of few words, french accent, a smoker, kinda reminded me of Andre the Giant as Fezzik in Princess Bride, only less friendly and not so big. The only wait I had was at the register: the older woman had no idea what she was doing, it took her 10 minutes to ring me up (no exaggeration).

Since then I've been swishing my hair from side to side, celebrating every time I put my bag over my shoulder.

Photos will resume tomorrow.

* There was an apology waiting on my work voice mail this morning, which was a nice gesture. She said she didn't realize the time and heartily apologized and offered a discount on my next visit. If she were my stylist I don't think I'd go back. Would you?