Lots of Life going on here this weekend which precluded blogging and has me pooped. Lots of fun, though.

Had a doctor's appointment in town Friday so I stopped by where I used to work. They've since moved into a new building and their new quarters are all chichi and hardwood and hushed. The views are gorgeous, but I was so busy saying hi to people that I didn't really look out. I brought a pile of spun yarns and dyed skeinlets to show Maria (doh, forgot to bring spin-dye-knit-a-scarf!) She recently finished her first pair of socks, is working on a scarf, and is slowly getting her whole family to knit. :)

Maria and my sister are my two most devoted readers. Last month I'm talking to my sister about the too hot chili Scott made (apparently, grocery store chili powder and Indian grocery store chili powder are not the same thing; I'll let you guess which is hotter) and how he added spaghetti sauce to tone it down (which didn't help). My sister asked, "was the spaghetti sauce in a jar?" I had no idea what she was talking about. It took some prodding before I realized she was referring to all the salsa jars I had emptied for my dyeing color studies. Hehe. We're still eating that salsa.

So I'm showing Maria my early spindle spun yarns and the KoolAid dyed spun yarn and the acid dyed and wheel spun yarns and recent color studies, and she knows them all, even knows their names. And as I'm showing them to her in progression, how I've improved here or have to figure out something there, in the spinning and dyeing, she's getting it, nodding her head, asking intelligent questions. And surprising herself. "Listen to me, I sound like I know what I'm talking about." I'm not surprised. She's a quick study and a smart cookie. That's why I brought it all with me (Scott just shook his head), to share and discuss in person and 3-dimensionally with someone who would appreciate and get it. (It's only a matter of time before she's spinning too.) Thanks, Maria!

This weekend I finished up the leftovers dyepot fiber (Romney/Corriedale):

leftovers dyepot

4 oz, about 230 yards, happy happy colors:

leftovers dyepot

and then started in on some Jacob I got in a recent trade:


Veeerrry different fibers. Not just the feel of the fibers, but also the spinnability. The Jacob drafted nice and evenly, very easy to spin a nice thin singles. The Romney/Corriedale fiber I dyed needed more predrafting and prep. Even then there were occasional little neps that, for the most part, I ignored. The undyed Romney/Corriedale is very soft and looks just as easy to draft as the Jacob, and other elsewhere dyed fibers are similarly easy to draft, so I'm thinking I'm either overcooking my fibers, overhandling them, or oversomethingelse-ing them.


A delivery van backed into us while we were stopped at a light mere blocks from Gram's. The Mini's hood is dented and slightly deformed and will probably need to be replaced. We're not happy.