I'm working on a cool new dyeing project. I'm taking an existing Debbie Bliss wristwarmer pattern that is knit in stripes and eliminating the ends-factor by making the yarn self-striping. 3 of the 6 colors I thought matched pretty closely to some of the red and blue color study results, but for the rest... I didn't know where to start. I had some not-yet-mixed dyes, and a few colors that had not been sampled yet, so I focused on that instead.

All are on 5g skeins of Kona superwash (see? the sample skeins are getting smaller and smaller...) and were dyed on the stove using my newly requisitioned pasta pot with steamer insert, trusty salsa jars and plenty of stream.

Dye intensities are .25%, .5%, 1%, 2% and 4%. Except the Brilliant Blue, that one went from .5% - 8% because the dye solution looked so weak.

(Some of the colors were hard to photograph so I included photos from two different attempts.)

Pink on white

Pink on natural

Turquoise on natural
Turquoise - very hard to photograph, very vibrant; reminds me of the Caribbean

Turquoise on White

Violet on natural
Violet - also very hard to photograph, actually deeper and more vibrant

Brilliant Blue on natural
Brilliant Blue - reminds me of denim

Pink and violet
Pink and Violet

Turquoise and Brilliant Blue
Turquoise and Brilliant Blue

Except for the Pink, the lower intensity skeins are irregular/splotchy - you can see it on the Violet the most. The pinks were done first and I let the skeins steam in the dye solution before adding vinegar. With most of the others, I reused the vinegared water and added the next color. On those, the dye struck more on the outside of the yarn and didn't seep evenly throughout the yarn. Something to remember for next time.

The Turquoise and Violet did not want to exhaust. And the Brilliant Blue, since I effectively doubled each jar's dye solution, the higher intensity jars did not exhaust. I saved the top 2 intensity jars of each and did random dyeing over 4 oz of fiber (some more Romney/Corriedale). They were leftovers, and not colors I would have thought to combine. I added a little more of each dye in the end (the darker spots), squirt squirt. I love the results.

leftovers dyepot